The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 794

Chapter 794: Why Should I Tell You

"Eh? How I did reveal myself?" Di Fuyi seemed to be interested. Meanwhile, he filled another glass of drink for Long Siye.

Long Siye showed no expression, "You had too many weak spots! At first glance, there was nothing wrong with your expression or your actions; even your words were hurtful to me.

However, you gave yourself away too much in your daily behavior. For instance, you did not wish to have anyone near you and you suddenly acted in a frigid manner towards your good friends. "

Di Fuyi raised his brows, "That is all?"

"All these are enough for me to assume that the body has been switched."

"How did you know that it is me who has switched with Xijiu?"

"At first, I had no doubt about you switching your body with her. I thought some evil spirit had possessed Xijiu's body by getting rid of her soul, as a body cannot contain two souls at the same time. Thus, I secretly tried to call for her soul, but the effort was all in vain. I then started to suspect that her soul might be captured and trapped in a puppet. After all, there is a puppet expert here in Tianju Hall. A puppet master will usually have a few devil spirits on hand to be ordered about," said Long Siye.

His words were clearly going in the right direction. Di Fuyi did not interrupt to let him speak.

Long Siye continued, "If Xijiu was not hurt, her soul would be equally strong and would not be easily taken away. It would be possible only if she was weak. Therefore, I tried observing Yun Qingluo for a couple of days. I even knocked her out to search for her, but there was nothing.

Nothing about her seemed to be odd, so I gathered my focus and carefully observed you instead. Finally, I have noticed some weak spots."

Xijiu felt very warm, as she did not know that Long Siye had secretly done so much for her.

She filled another glass for Long Siye, "I am sorry for making you worried."

Long Siye took a look at her and sighed, "I know that you were only doing what you were entrusted to do. I do not blame you."

He wanted to gently stroke her hand and comfort her, but what he saw was Di Fuyi's hand instead. Bothered and repulsed, he turned his attention away.

He continued to elaborate on the doubts that he had. Slightly pleased, he then turned his eyes to Di Fuyi, "Di Fuyi, am I right?"

"Right! Absolutely correct!" Di Fuyi smiled and poured him another glass, "I see that you are smart, so I would like to propose a toast to you."

Long Siye finished the glass without hesitation. He was not worried that Di Fuyi might secretly do some tricks to his drink. As a well-known doctor, he could easily tell if the drink that he had was poisoned or not.

He felt somehow exalted upon fulfillment. After years of dealings with Di Fuyi, he had been tricked countless of times. This time, he was finally able to recognize and expose his disguise. It could be considered an upswing for him.

Since they had made a clear and frank revelation, he did not hold back anymore, "Di Fuyi, what exactly are you doing? Why did you switch your body with Xijiu? I thought you said that she could not endure another switch?"

Di Fuyi threw him a look and bluntly said, "Why should I tell you?"

Long Siye did not expect him to behave in such a shameless manner, " You!"

Di Fuyi had another glass of drink, "I am not obliged to inform you."

"Di Fuyi, I think that we, the three of us, should all be frank and open to each other by now. Unless you are still taking precautions against me, aren't you? If I wanted to do you any harm, I would not have told you everything today! I would be secretly preparing to set you a trap!" Long Siye was obviously triggered.