The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 80

Chapter 80: He Did Not Even Know His Name!

With a snap of his fingers, Rong Jialuo sent out a ray of fire which burned the paper, silver needle and the worm into ash.

"That'sthats all?" Rong Jialuo cannot help but question.

"Yes, its done. Your Highness, you can try to practice your Qi now."

Rong Jialuo did not care about the dusty study room. He sat down and started practicing. After about fifteen minutes, he opened his eyes and jumped up to give a bow of gratitude to Gu Xijiu, "Thank you, Mr. Ren, for your wonderful medical skills, Im healed now!"

He was healed! He was finally healed! A chronic disease that had been with him for two years and rendered him almost hopeless, was now healed!

Though Rong Jialuo was calm all these while, he was so excited now, that his chest seemed to be bursting.

"Mr. Ren, you have healed my illness and I can reward you more, you" Rong Jialuo looked towards where Gu Xijiu stood with his eyes beaming, but abruptly, he stopped speaking.

Gu Xijiu was nowhere to be seen.

"Mr. Ren? Mr. Ren?" Rong Jialuo did not want to give up and looked around but he was alone in the ruined study room.

That little man had disappeared suddenly like how he appeared out of nowhere. Nobody knew how he came and gone

Rong Jialuo griped and regretted taking his eyes off the man.

Other than wanting to thank Gu Xijiu, he had many things that he wanted to ask too. For instance, the origins of this Gu and her clan. Besides, he even wanted to take her in at any cost, as it was a pity to let such a genius go!

He had even drafted out a plan on how to convince her to join him.

At the end of the day, before he could do anything, she had just disappeared!

After curing his unknown disease, she took that weird bracelet and the note of a million ounces of silver with her, and disappeared

He did not even know that person's name! He just knew that his surname was Ren, from the little kid who sent the paper crane at the auction house


The moon in the sky was as big as a circular disc but there were no stars dotting the vast sky at all, but only the silvery white heaven and earth, reflecting the moonlight.

It was already late at night. As the city had imposed a curfew, barely anyone was seen on the road, only patrolling soldiers were seen passing by occasionally.

Gu Xijiu reappeared at one of the obscure and quiet lanes in the city.

Though she was relatively skillful in applying her teleportation technique, the internal power in her body had degenerated so much that she could not apply the technique as easily as she did in her previous life. The distance of each teleport was on about one mile away from each other.

The distance between the mansion of General Gu and the mansion of the crown prince was very far - one was in the south while the other was in the north. Therefore, Gu Xijiu could not teleport directly back to her room from the mansion of the crown prince, as she needed some places to rest.

Fortunately, Gu Xijiu was very scrupulous and had already memorized the whole city map. Therefore, she knew which place was more hidden from the public eye and had a lesser crowd. This lane was one of the places she chose to rest.

"I was not expecting you to recognize this, Gu! It was also very rare during our era." The Firmament Stone Bracelets voice echoed in Gu Xijius mind.

Gu Xijiu was not concerned about it. When she stabilized herself, she slightly panted, gently touched her chest and furrowed her brows.

"You are injured!" The Firmament Stone Bracelet sensitively realized that there was something wrong with her, "It was because of that hit from the crown prince when you embedded that needle, right?"

"Its not a big deal."

She had actually looked down at the external force of that crown prince. Though she was prepared and escaped in time, she was partially hit and felt a bit uneasy on her chest.