The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 804

Chapter 804: Let Me Reward You

Gu Xijiu pondered for a second and nodded, "Alright!" Then she started to sing.

She was singing 'Wen Shuo' as she felt the pitch and tone were more suitable for her current voice.

(Singing)The petals of the lotus fell suddenly,

It was still that pretty in the wind and visible under a semi-transparent paper,

While looking at god's painting on the wall under the candlelight,

A lady was dying on the other side of the world in the desert near to the border,

The wine in their mouths,

Was insufficient to forfeit the hundreds of years of contributions...

The sound of the flute wondering the street but no one heard it besides me,

The growth of karma before we meet would never go away, however, who was the one suffered from the depression,

Even though it was difficult to say goodbye,

We have to, as time flies anyway...

Di Fuyi's voice was great. Probably even better than Gu Xijiu's. It was considered to be very low pitched even for a man, and it sounded special when she sang.

Di Fuyi drew out an instrument and played it along with the tune as she sang. The beautiful melody lingered through the plants and flowers in the garden.

Outside the mansion, Long Siye was enjoying their music while hiding in a tree. He closed his lips tightly, and his fingers were pale as he grabbed the trunk. His beloved woman was sweet and lovely with another man. Their music was fantastic, but he could only listen from afar instead of joining his princess.

"Di Fuyi, you took away my woman! I won't let you go! Since you decided to be mean first, don't blame me for being evil!" He whispered.

He continued listening for a while and could not take it anymore. He immediately leaped away and disappeared.

Right after he disappeared, something emerged from a closeby tree. A little green man slowly stood up at the tree trunk. It was a small human-shaped puppet. It flew up into the air and disappeared.


Yun Qingluo was standing in her courtyard. She was reading something as her lips were moving while her fingers were moving from left to right in midair. A moment later, the little green puppet from the tree had landed on her hand. The little doll was mumbling softly to her, and she nodded her head in acknowledgment. She destroyed the puppet when it finished talking and returned to her house. An arm came toward her waist and locked on it. Her doll was wearing a green robe today, he smiled and asked, "How's everything?"

Yun Qinguo answered with expressionlessly, "Everything is on track, Long Siye really intends to kill him"

The man in the green robe nodded happily. He carried her and walked toward the bed, "Qingluo, well done. I'll reward you appropriately" And then he ripped off her clothes.

Initially, Yun Qingluo did not have much response. However, the man was too skillful in pleasing her which made her gasp and surrender to him. She could not resist.

Her face was blushing, "Tomorrow Are we going to take action tomorrow? His four messengers"

"Don't worry, three of his messengers have left. Only Mu Yun is here with him." The man in the green robe got more intense as Yun Qingluo began to look like she was suffering. In fact, she was enjoying herself. He knew she hated it, but she also wanted it so much. Thus, he felt an orgasm as well. His eyes turned red as he suddenly lowered his head and bit on Yun Qingluo's ear. He whispered, "Babe, why didn't you give me the most important organ of a man when you made me? If you did, I could make you feel even better than this"

Yun Qingluo closed her eyes. She did not give him a penis because she only took him as a companion for mental comfort. Her virginity was reserved for Di Fuyi... However, she was now already in hell, how was she going to make it to heaven again?

Since she had fallen into hell, she might as well be the evilest person!

Since she could not get him, she might as well destroy him! It will be perfect if he dies in her arms.