The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 814

Chapter 814: Romantic Love

They had no idea how long they had been kissing, but both of them were gasping for air when he let her go.

In fact, Di Fuyi did not entirely let her go but leaned his forehead on her forehead instead. His nose was touching her nose as well. He spoke with a hoarse voice, "Xijiu, love in uncontrollable, just like when you're with me, I always wanted to hug you, wanted to kiss you, and pull you into my arms. I want to protect you, and sometimes, I even want two of us to be one. I wanted to see you so badly when you're away, and I don't want to let you go when I see you. I made up a thousand excuses to see you even though I know you don't like me Tell me now, what is this? Is this love? Or is it just a crush? Do you feel the same for Long Siye? Do you?"

That was the first time he took so long to confess to someone. Gu Xijiu was stunned. Her brain felt as though it was deoxygenated and she could not think of anything else. She even forgot to push him away!

Di Fuyi's burning palm pressed on her chest where her heart was located, "Xijiu, you have feelings for me. Listen to your heartbeat, it's pumping so rapidly. You were panicked when I was in danger; you were worried that I would die Xijiu, I'm already in your heart"

Gu Xijiu felt miserable; she felt as though she was an onion that was being peeled off layer by layer. Her wound was exposed!

Gu Xijiu's face went pale, and suddenly, she pushed him away!

She laughed coldly, "What kind of nonsense are you talking about!? How much do you think you know about us? You don't know anything! My love with Long Siye is like the river flow; it would last forever! And, I didn't treat him as my brother! I was hoping he would be my future husband! Everyone has their opinion, and their own way to handle a relationship. The love you mentioned just now is just a lie! I don't need that! As an assassin, we love rationally and decisively, and we don't need romance So, stop your sweet talk with me. Go ahead and try with other girls, I'm not interested!"

A strange energy was formed in her thoracic cavity, and it felt like it was coming up. She felt sad until her throat was stiff until she almost cried. However, she held it back and raised her chin like a proud crane to calm herself down, "About the feeling you mentioned just now I'm sorry, I don't feel it! I just see you as a friend. I'll definitely worry when you are in danger, and I will feel the same for the mussel. I don't love you, so stop thinking nonsense!"

How could she fall in love with him?! This person was so mysterious. He was so unpredictable and sometimes, she even felt that he hated her. Besides that, his relationship with Yun Qingluo was so confusing, and he also hung out with her on the Chinese Valentines Day! She saw it herself!

Di Fuyi treated her so romantically on the Chinese Valentines Day, but the next day he almost killed her just because she did something wrong. His emotions changed too fast.

She was not sympathizing with Yun Qingluo; in fact, she was annoyed to see her. However, Gu Xijiu could foresee Di Fuyi's attitude in the future by looking at the way he treated Yun Qingluo. He would simply insult her once he got her!

Gu Xijiu would not deny that Di Fuyi was charming, and her heart skipped a beat sometimes when she saw him, but she would not fall in love with him. He was too unpredictable and she could not bear to be hurt.