The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 817

Chapter 817: No One Else In This World Who Loves You As Much As I Do

The view at the pavilion was pretty lovely, and she used to come here quite often. It was a good idea to sleep here for the last night.

She felt annoyed even after she lied down. Her mood could equate to a quiet lake being disturbed by a huge rock. She could not calm herself in such a short period.

She meditated and tried to empty her mind. Fortunately, she felt much better after that. She lied down again and closed her eyes, and then began to count sheep while she took a few deep breaths.

Finally, she fell asleep. It was quite late already when Di Fuyi came back, so, she was already asleep when he found her at the pavilion. Her facial features were stunning. Her eyelashes were long, and it formed an oval shadow on her eyebags that made her look like a doll. Her lips were pinkish and juicy which made everyone want to kiss it and leave their distinct mark on it.

Strangely, he just returned the body to her not long ago, and he was supposed to be very familiar with this body. However, he found it so beautiful and unique when he looked at it from a different angle. He wanted to hug her in his arms to protect her. Perhaps, it was because her soul was living in that body? He liked the soul in that body, a girl who came from another world. He sat down and idled as he looked at her sleeping.

It was breezy outside the pavilion, and the wind circulated inside it as well. Gu Xijiu slept in a curved position as she was probably cold. He took off his cloak and covered her. It was a magic cloak which could keep one cool in the summer and keep one warm during the winter. Besides that, it was very thin and light. She was not aware even when he covered her with the cloak, and she was still sleeping tightly. She had probably seen something interesting as she suddenly smiled in her dream. The dimples on her face looked very lovely.

"Sweetheart, what are you dreaming about? Did you dream about me?"Di Fuyi smiled when he caressed her face gently with his fingers. He was happy as he saw her happy. Of course, Gu Xijiu did not respond as she could not hear him.

His gaze returned to the Firmament Stone on her wrist. He had sealed its spiritual sensor when he tried to remove the sword in Gu Xijiu's body as he was worried that Firmament Stone might notice his real identity. Hence, it was hibernating until now as he did not unseal it since then.

It seemed to be the right time to unlock it so that this little girl would not be worried. A light was glowing on his fingertip as he suddenly paused when he has almost issued the spell. He lowered his body and held his breath before he drew nearer to her. He could feel her breath blown on his cheek and his lips were only 0.1 millimeters away from hers.

He was so captivated by her kiss earlier, and he wanted to kiss her so badly once again, but he did not dare to do it! The little girl was very alert; she would wake up if someone else were so close to her! However, Di Fuyi was different. He could suppress his existence so that it would not trigger her biological alarm. Hence, she would not be awake. However, if he did kiss her, she would definitely wake up!

The first thing she would do is to slap him! That would be a disaster! How great it would be if he could just stay beside her like this! He felt an overwhelming warmth in his heart.

"My sweetheart, you'll see the good side of me one day. There's no one else in this world who loves you as much as I do." He gently kissed her forehead.