The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 819

Chapter 819: Be Her Pillow, Be Her Bed

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The wind was blowing strong outside and it was really cold and freezing.


However, it was warm inside the pavilion as he was sitting on the bench that she was sleeping on. One was sleeping tight and another was guarding sweetly.


The backrest was a little hard, she seemed to be annoyed after a while and began to frown and flipped her body over.


Di Fuyi looked at the bench and then looked at her again. He pondered for a second, and then hugged her in his arms...


Needless to mention, his body was way cozier than the bench - it was soft and warm.

Gu Xijiu had a good sleep and she used to look at the bed opposite her when she woke up...


However, she only saw the bench instead of Di Fuyi’s bed.


She paused for a second and then recalled the incident last night. She recalled that she had left his room and slept in the pavilion...


It was very quiet in the pavilion and she was all alone by herself.

She got up from the bench and a cloak slipped down onto the floor.


She quickly caught the cloak when it almost landed. Of course, she could recognize that it was Di Fuyi’s cloak, as he came to see her last night and left after covering her with it.

She naturally folded it nicely and then stretched her body.


Strangely, why did her body not ache even though the bench was so hard? In fact, she felt so comfortable.