The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 82

Chapter 82: Just Passing By

That beauty was obedient and sure enough, she did not shout, not even a squeak. She was just looking at her with squinted eyes.

Meanwhile, Gu Xijiu finally saw the ladys face clearly as she had gotten close. Her heart was beating fast!

What a beauty! A peerless beauty!

Her eyebrows were arched high like the shape of the mountains and were extended to the temple points.

Her eyes were bright, glittering and charming.

As for her mouth, it was held shut by the little hand of Gu Xijiu, hence, the shape could not be seen clearly. Nonetheless, Gu Xijiu could feel that the lips she touched were soft and tender. She could even imagine how beautifully shaped it was too.

The forehead of this beautiful lady had a red jewel hanging from it, which was as narrow as the eyes of a fox, and was glittering amidst the water vapor.

This attractive lady was so beautiful and exquisite that she could almost be a marvelous sculpture carved by God himself! Especially those pair of eyes, they were so alluring that they could make anyone's heart skip a beat.

Most parts of the beauty was hidden beneath the water and Gu Xijiu could see her graceful neck like that of a swan's, and the perfect arch of her collarbone. She kept looking down

As her eyes drifted down, the beauty's body was already hidden by the bright red flower petals and nothing else could be seen anymore.

However, Gu Xijiu was not surprised to see this, but rather, surprised that she seemed to be familiar with the face of this beauty.

Before she could observe further, a voice was heard from outside, "Princess, I have brought you your clothes, would you like me to send them in?"

Princess? Had she unexpectedly broke into the palace?

Well, the exquisite and wealthy decoration did look like a place where a princess would enjoy her bath

Gu Xijiu got near to her ear, "You are a princess? Don't be afraid, I mean no harm. Im just passing by"

Her words were unimaginably queer. That beauty blinked as she could not believe what she heard. Her lips even moved a little under Gu Xijius palm, that Gu Xijiu had to press even harder!

As Gu Xijiu was afraid that she would struggle, she had turned her around, had the knife put to her back and her other hand still covering those little lips before she whispered, "Im telling the truth. If you don't shout, I wont hurt you. Now, please let them send in the clothes and don't try to ask for help, or else, Ill make sure that I pierce through your heart before you can be saved! Nod your head if you agree."

The beauty in her arms paused for a moment and lightly nodded her head.

What an obedient beautiful lady!

Gu Xijiu sighed softly and slightly loosed her grip to expose the little mouth of the beauty.

The beauty was obedient, she did not shout for help instantly when her little mouth was free but she replied quietly, "Just send them in."

The voice of the beauty was very graceful and attractive. Her voice was neutral, in a way that if it was heard, her gender could not be determined, but was surprisingly heart-rendering.

When the beauty was speaking, Gu Xijiu dived into the water. Of course, her knife was still pointing towards the beautys back to prevent her from shouting suddenly.

Though she used to be a killer, she did not like to kill and prefer to solve problems that could be solved, in peace.

Therefore, she did not want to trouble this princess as she herself was the intruder

Previously, she could teleport again to leave quickly even before she was spotted, if she had found out that she had teleported to the wrong place.

However, it was not possible this time, because of her Qi and blood was flowing over her chest, which disallowed her to deploy the technique. Therefore, she could only control the situation wherever she was, before she figured out what to do next.