The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 821

Chapter 821: Why Dont You Use Your Real Body

Yun Qingluo looked at the fellow in front of her again; she found herself getting more and more frustrated with him. That was the first time she pushed him away with her spiritual power, "Let me go! Who do you think you are?"

She was quite powerful and she had almost fully recovered, hence, she was strong enough to push him away and it was definitely not a problem to her even if she was to break an iron ore lump.

However, the man only took a step back. He quickly rushed to her with a white glow on his fingertips which looked like a string and got her tied up tightly.

Her clothes were completely torn and she was tied up skillfully. Coincidentally, he exposed all her sensitive body parts where it was supposed to be exposed and needless to say, she was in a submissive position now.

Yun Qingluos eyes were wide opened as she found it really unbelievable, "You Youre not my puppet! Who are you!?" The man had more expertise and better Kung Fu than her.

The man slowly took off his mask, "Then who do you think I am?"

There was still only a pair of eyes and a mouth on his face, that was her puppet but where did he learn the Kung Fu?

She seemed to recall something, "You Whos soul is this? Why are you in my puppets body!?"

The man put on his mask again and smiled evilly, "Youre so smart my dear, indeed, Im an outsider. Your puppet has no spiritual consciousness, how could he beat my skill? Come on, let me serve you now."

He carried her to the bed...

The man was very skillful, he was definitely a sex expert as he managed to make Yun Qingluo gasp continuously to the extent that she could not even speak in just a few minutes.

She hated the man but her body wanted his comfort so badly...

She did not understand his thoughts as he was supposed to be a prurience but he just wanted to make her happy and watch her enjoy his skill...

Was it his special interest? Or it was because he could not do anything else due to the body of the puppet?

"You Who are you!? You, let me go, why dont you use your real body in the future?"

"Do you really want me, my dear?" The man drew closer and ran his fingers through her hair.

"I I think you wouldnt be happy by just making me happy. Why dont you use your real body, we" She really wanted to see who the h*ck it was who put her through hell.

"You want my real body?" The man smiled.

"Of course."

"Do you think you are worth it?" The man was still smiling but he was very mean.

Yun Qingluo could not speak a word and her expression changed, "Then why did you treat me this way?"

"First, its to reward you. Second, I just want to practice my skills on you as it makes me feel so accomplished when a saint of a lady like you turns into a vixen in my hand." The man was extremely mean and tried to insult her as well.

Yun Qingluo was speechless.

She clenched her teeth, "Youre such a jerk! Insane!! I think you you just cant do it! Why do you need to give me so many excuses" She stopped talking suddenly as the man was pulling her hair and her head bent backward. She almost cried from the pain and shouted, "Let go! Let go!"

"Dont try to challenge me, my dear You cant afford to pay the price! My wife would be the one who can tell whether Im good at having sex or not, and you haha! You should be contented as Im willing to serve you with my fingers! Dont ask for something you dont deserve." The man threatened her.