The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 822

Chapter 822: Real Enough To Be His Imposter

Yun Qingluo felt a certain sharp pain in her head; her limbs were tied and the string on her body was getting tighter. She looked exactly like a Chinese dumpling now!

She did not dare to challenge him anymore!

"I, I've never thought of getting you But you've promised me that you'll leave Di Fuyi's body to me after killing him."

The man pinched her cheek, "Don't worry!" He got down from the bed and flicked his fingers. Yun Qingluo was released, "Yun Qingluo, you can only be on my team now. Let me tell you, you'll definitely have a hard time if you dare to disobey me!"

Of course, Yun Qingluo did not dare to argue but agreed with everything he said.

Suddenly, she seemed to recall something, "What What are you going to tell The Lord after killing Di Fuyi? I'm sure he would be very mad!"

The man smiled, "Don't worry, The Lord wouldn't know. Di Fuyi wouldn't really disappear, I'll help him continue living and no one would know Celestial Master Zuo is actually someone else"

He put the purple robe on again and spun around in the house, "By that time, I can just literally replace him!"

Yun Qingluo remained silent.

She suddenly shivered and felt the target of this man was not only Di Fuyi but someone else too...

Who the h*ck did he think he was!?

He was definitely not a normal person as he could simply possess the puppet! Apparently, his Kung Fu and power were beyond one's imagination!

The man looked out the window and smiled, "It's time! Let's go harvesting!"

He pulled Yun Qingluo and said gently, "Come on, call back your puppet and see what he doing right now."

Yun Qingluo could only do what he asked and quickly called her puppet back. According to the puppet, Di Fuyi and Gu Xijiu were still walking around in Tianxiang Garden , they were drinking inside a pavilion.

The man laughed out loud, "Even the God is helping me!" He then walked out of the house.


A flower grew in between the maple leaves above a beautiful brook.

Long Siye had finally seen the man. This time, he came with a purple robe and a mask on his face. He looked exactly like Di Fuyi, hence, Long Siye's heart skipped a beat, "Woah! Di Fuyi?!"

The man smiled, "Do I really look exactly like him, Overlord Long?"

Long Siye looked at him again and sighed, "Real enough to be his imposter!"

The man slightly nodded, "That's great then! Overlord Long, you can now open the wizardry barrier above Tianju Hall."

Long Siye tried to confirm again, "Are you sure your people wouldn't hurt Gu Xijiu?"

The man smiled, "Don't worry! I'll never hurt her! I'll protect her well!"

Long Siye slowly closed his eyes and nodded, "Alright, let me open it now"


Yun Qingluo was annoyed, she knew the 'puppet' was an expert as he used her to hide and then exploited the hatred of Long Siye towards Di Fuyi to make him open the wizardry barrier. He wanted to bring his people to attack Tianju Hall.

Besides, the three messengers were relocated somewhere else and he was the only one who was left behind with Di Fuyi. Furthermore, Di Fuyi had lost at least half of his spiritual power from rescuing Gu Xijiu's life, hence, his Kung Fu was not in the most optimal condition right now. He might not be able to prevent a battle or even fight if someone powerful chose to attack them at this moment...