The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 824

Chapter 824: Make Him His Team Member

So, what were they exactly? Puppet or zombie!? Based on their actions, they looked more like zombies just like Rong Yan and Gu Tianqing...

Where did this person find so many people with hatred and turn them into puppets or zombies?!

"Overlord Long, are you curious about their origins?" The purple puppet man drew closer and asked.

Long Siye slightly twitched his lips, "Indeed, but would you tell?"

The purple puppet smiled, "Of course, not!"

He tried to listen and realized that someone shouted when the 16 puppets went into the garden. However, that person did not continue to speak, he was most likely attacked by the puppets. By now, the puppets should be able to attack...

Apparently, Di Fuyi would not know someone would attack him at this moment, hence, he did not let anyone follow them...

It was true that he was busy dating Gu Xijiu, how could he allow someone to follow him?

There were some noises of fighting coming from the garden, apparently, the puppets had bumped into Mu Yun as the puppet man heard Mu Yun shouting.

He also heard Mu Yun shouting, "Master! We have enemies!"

Suddenly, a green firework exploded in the sky above the garden. That was a sign to allow a massive attack!

Everything was on track perfectly! It was definitely a perfect plan!

It seems like he would succeed today! He had to kill Di Fuyi first and then use Di Fuyis body to find The Lord...

The puppet man was really ambitious. He waved his hand and all the remaining green puppets hissed and rushed into the garden...

The puppet man looked at Long Sie, "So, are you coming with me?"

Long Siye answered without hesitation, "Of course! I need to protect Xijiu so that you wouldn't hurt her!"

The puppet man laughed, "Fine! Go ahead, then I can focus on attacking!" However, he seemed to recall something and asked, "Would you help me kill Di Fuyi?"

Long Siye was shocked, "Hmmm"

The puppet man stared at him, "You have no say now!" The puppet man just wanted to make Long Siye his team member.

Long Siye finally made the decision, "Fine! Ill take action accordingly!"

The puppet man was finally satisfied; he turned back and glimpsed at Yun Qingluo, "Let's go! Let's go in together!"

Yun Qingluo had no room to retreat as well, she nodded and three of them flew into the garden together.


There were plenty of plants inside the Garden Tianxiang.

The garden was covered with many different flowers and herbs. In fact, they could find many rare and valuables herbs in the garden.

Inside the garden, there were a forest of maples, artificial rocks and a cave, a lake, and a pavilion, and plenty of beautiful corridors and walking tracks...

Gu Xijiu found this place very beautiful when she first came here as the layout was luxurious and well-planned to fit into certain arrays. She enjoyed walking in the garden.

Besides that, she did feel that the layout looked kind of familiar as it was similar to the layout in Fucang Hall.

Finally, she decided to ask Di Fuyi when they were enjoying their tea inside the pavilion, "Are you the one who designed the layout of the garden?"

Di Fuyi poured a cup of tea for her, "You have a pair of sharp eyes, Little Xijiu! How is it? Do you think its nice?"

"Not bad! Youre such a good architect! I didnt know you were interested in architecture!"