The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 827

Chapter 827: How Much Fear You Have Towards Me?

Di Fuyi stared at him and asked coldly, "What is the intention to pretend to me?"

The purple-robed puppet stepped forward and smiled strangely, "Because I want to replace you!"

Di Fuyi sneered, "You? You just look like me from your appearance. How can you replace me?"

"Soon I will exactly be like you!" The purple robed puppet smiled.

"Uh? And how are you going to do that?"

"I will kill you then I can easily replace you! And I will use your body too!" The purple-robed puppet looked at Di Fuyi with a greedy face.

Di Fuyi asked, "Are you a puppet?" Then he finally glanced at Yun Qingluo, "Was the puppet created by you?"

Yun Qingluo looked pale and tightly pursed her lips but did not want to answer. The purple-robed puppet pulled her to his arm and kissed her cheek, "Baby, it's okay to admit it now. He can do nothing for you."

"Yun Qingluo, how dare you?! How can you create a puppet that looks like me? What is your intention?" Di Fuyi sounded even coldly.

"I" Yun Qingluo clenched her fingers, "I just want you to stay with me "

The purple-robed puppet laughed. Now, he was the winner and he was not in a rush to let the green puppet get attached to Di Fuyi. He wanted to humiliate him since he had worked for this perfect plan for so long, he wanted to show off. Therefore he kissed Yun Qingluo's lips again, "Indeed I am created by her I always act like you to accompany her, play with her, sleep with her do everything she wants you to do for her"

Di Fuyi narrowed his eyes, "Although the puppet looks like a puppet, it is not supposed to have a mind of its own. It should fully listen to the arrangements of the puppet master However, you are not in her control now! Who are you?!"

The purple robed puppet laughed, "Di Fuyi, you are really knowledgeable. You are right, although my body is created by Qingluo and I have accompanied her for two years, I Haha You will never know who I am no matter what!"

Di Fuyi also laughed and slightly sighed, "How much fear do you have towards me? You dont even dare to disclose your true identity under this circumstance!"

The purple-robed puppet was choked by Di Fuyis words. He sneered, "When I catch you, I will tell you before I kill you!"

Di Fuyi stretched his palm and a sword appeared on his palm, "It is not easy to kill me! Come on!"

The purple-robed puppet looked cruel. He raised his hand and there was golden ray emerging from his fingertip. The golden rays circled the surface of the lake. A bridge was then built and extended to the booth at the other side

Di Fuyi did not react but just pulled Gu Xijiu closer to him.

His eyes swept through the people around, "Where is Mu Yun?"

The purple-robed puppet laughed, "He has now become my prisoner." He waved towards the green puppets.

The green puppets immediately split into the sides and it revealed a puppet in the middle.

He was Mu Yun. Apparently, he was injured and was caught by two green puppets. He looked guilty, "Master, I am sorry for my incompetence!"

Di Fuyi looked upset and the fingers that were holding the sword turned even paler.

The purple-robed puppet laughed, "Di Fuyi, you did not expect that your guard could be caught so easily didnt you? Do you know who caught him?"

Di Fuyi pursed his lips and his eyes swept through the green puppets, "Your zombie armies?"