The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 828

Chapter 828: You Are Not Even A Sleeve

The purple-robed puppet laughed, "My zombie armies are only used to deal with you. Your guard was caught by Overlord Long personally!"

Di Fuyi immediately stared at Long Siye. Long Siye coldly said, "Di Fuyi, I want to exchange him with one person from you!"

Di Fuyi raised his eyebrows and asked, "Who do you want to exchange him with?"

"Xijiu!" Long Siye pulled Mu Yun closer to him and put a sword on his neck, "Either you send Xijiu to me or I will kill him!"

Di Fuyi frowned. Gu Xijiu who was standing by his side angrily shouted, "Long Siye, dont cross the line!"

Long Siye looked at her, "Xijiu, he is stuck and there is no way out for him anymore. There is no benefit for you to follow him. I will protect you if you come over."

Gu Xijiu firmly said, "I want to stay with Fuyi!"

Di Fuyi suddenly spoke, "Xijiu, you should go over there."

Gu Xijiu was shocked and looked at him palely, "What?"

Di Fuyi slightly closed his eyes, "I cant guarantee that I will survive this time. I dont think I can protect you so why dont you go over to him"

"No! Di Fuyi, you'll never leave me!" Gu Xijiu almost cried, "You just said that you will stay with me regardless of how bad the situation is!"

Di Fuyi looked at her and slowly said, "If you dont go over there, my subordinate will be killed!"

Gu Xijiu was surprised by what he said, "So you are not doing it for me but just want to get back your subordinate?"

Di Fuyi did not look at her, "Xijiu, your spiritual power is not even one-tenth of Mu Yun's"

"Are you trying to say that I am not as useful as him to be here?" Gu Xijiu raised her tone up a notch.

Di Fuyi sighed, "Xijiu, you are safer over there and I can get Mu Yun back, so why don't we do that?"

Gu Xijiu stepped back, "What if I say no"

Di Fuyi did not look at her but at Long Siye instead, "If I send Gu Xijiu to you, are you really willing to return Mu Yun to me?"

Long Siye answered without hesitation, "Of course!"

Di Fuyi turned to look at the purple-robed puppet, "Do you agree too?"

The purple robed puppet laughed, "My target is only you! As for this little girl, it is fine not to kill her."

"Alright!" Di Fuyi replied with only one word then used his sleeve to wave at Gu Xijiu. She could not control herself but fly over to the other side directly.

Long Siye was worried that Gu Xijiu would be injured so he flew up and caught Gu Xijiu midair. When he landed, he tipped his toes on the iron bridge and flew back to his original place.

Di Fuyi was fast in action too. When he waved Gu Xijiu away, he stretched out his sleeve and directly pulled Mu Yun over from the other side.

When Long Siye landed on the ground with Gu Xijiu, Mu Yun had also landed in the pavilion on the other side.

It was quite a successful deal to exchange hostages from both sides.

Gu Xijiu's face was pale and she pursed her lips tightly. Apparently, she was badly stroke with the deal, "I am not as important as his guard"

Yun Qingluo was happy to see it. She interrupted, "Of course you are not! You are merely an immaterial playmate to him. Friends are like the hands and legs whilst a wife is like clothes. The four guardians of Di Fuyi are very precious to him and you are not even his wife. I am afraid that you are even not as important as his clothes are to him!"

Gu Xijiu finally looked at her, "At least I am still considered clothes for him, what about you? Who are you in his heart? I think you are not even a sleeve!