The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 83

Chapter 83: You Saw Me Naked

As it was nightfall, it was still dark underwater. Thus, Gu Xijiu realized that this beauty was still wearing some clothes and was not completely naked only when she dived into the water.

Furthermore, the robe she wore was bright red in color, hence, she looked sharp even underwater.

Nonetheless, the robe was hanging loosely on her body with its upper part partially covering her shoulders. It draped loosely, exposing part of her back, leading one to think that she appeared to be naked from the surface of the water.

Gu Xijiu was usually good with water and could go without breathing for a few minutes. Nonetheless, it was not possible this time. Though she dived in for less than a minute, she felt suffocated and wanted to break out to the surface to catch her breath.

Yet, she obviously could not do it because the servant who was supposed to deliver the clothes had just walked in. The patter of the servant's feet was heard and was considered too slow for Gu Xijiu.

"Princess, this is your silvery silk robe, this is the embroidered inner robe" The voice of that servant was as clear and melodious as a silver bell; hence, she was obviously young and also a beautiful young lady.

"Put them down and leave!" The beauty in the hot spring water was, sure enough, an elite with dignity, untalkative and superior.

"Princess, would you like me to give you a message? Im good in it." That servant apparently wanted to get in the good books of this princess and would to do everything to please her.

"Your name?" The beautiful princess suddenly asked.

"My name is Si Hua." That servant was so excited that her voice shook.

"Go out and look for Manager Ye Wufeng to get thirty strokes before selling you off." The voice of that beauty was flat but what she said was unexpected, and terrible news to that servant!

She dropped to her knees by the poolside, "Princess, please forgive me"

"Sixty strokes." The beautiful princess spat out two words.

The face of that servant turned pale, choked for a moment but dared not say any more. She then kowtowed towards the middle of the pool and said, "Ill go now!" She then stood up and left quickly.

Just after the servant left, Gu Xijiu came to the surface and took a deep breath, in which she almost choked herself. Only after a few continuous deep breaths, her exploding chest started to feel more comfortable.

Suddenly, she felt that the body under her knife was moving. She frowned and moved her fingers but she then realized that the beautiful princess was just turning her body and was not plotting anything when she was about to do something. Her pair of eyes which were staring at the face of Gu Xijiu, were shimmering.

That stare alone had made Gu Xijius heart skip a beat!

Could it be, that her disguise had fell off?

No! This disguise of mine was waterproof! My current face should be still the same even after the disguise.

"Are you satisfied with what I have done?" That beautiful princess suddenly asked.

It turned out that this delicate beauty had a sheer force of character! It was really apt with the behavior of a legendary princess.

The servant who just wanted to please her had received such a cruel punishment

Perhaps this was the dignity of the royal family?

Gu Xijiu was not inclined to intervene with the private matters of this princess, hence, she just nodded, "Its your family matters and therefore, you dont have to ask me if I'm satisfied with it. I have no intention of interfering too."

Gu Xijiu did not want to stay here any longer, hence, she slightly closed her eyes intending to teleport, but her heart was so painful that she could not deploy it at all.

Therefore, she opened her eyes and saw the shimmering eyes of that princess still staring at her with her delicate look.

Gu Xijius heart jumped a bit again and then she frowned, "What are you looking at?"

"You saw me naked" The beautiful princess said slowly.

Gu Xijiu, ""

They were both women. Should it not be a big deal even if she had seen her completely naked?

Furthermore, the princess was not completely naked, as she was still wearing the red robe! She was just able to see half of her breasts and back

Well, it should not be considered as half of her breasts anyway, as it was just about an inch down the collarbone, hardly even her cleavage nor shape of her bosoms yet.

Unintentionally, she had a glance in the dark waters earlier. Though there was a loose robe covering half of it, she still felt that the beauty could be a flat-chested woman

Whether it be in the modern era or the ancient times, there were lots of flat-chested women around anyway.

Besides, breast implant surgeries did not exist in this era yet, hence, it was nothing strange to see this defect that the beautiful princess had. Gu Xijiu was not wondering why too.