The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 833

Chapter 833: Always Stayed Close To Each Other

The attack by Long Siye was the signal.

Once he attacked, Gu Canmo and the gang almost attacked at the same time too

Gu Xijiu stood beside Long Siye and felt relieved. It finally succeeded!

This fishing plan had finally ended perfectly!

She did not expect it would be so easy to lure the person behind the scene out. She did not expect Yun Qingluo to be so courageous to create and keep a puppet that looked exactly like Di Fuyi. Without the need to ask, the person who accompanied her during Chinese Valentines Day must be the puppet

It was strange. Although the puppet looked exactly like him and could coax people from his appearance, it was not supposed to smell the same and hide from the big mussel. The big mussel had smelled him before Would he also imitate the smell of Di Fuyi also?

Gu Xijiu was curious. She could not help but decide to check on the man who was lying on the ground, then she walked over. She wanted to take off the mask to see if the face looked like Di Fuyi too

Before her fingers reached the mask, suddenly a shout came from behind, "Be careful! Run!"

Then someone held her waist tightly and she was being carried out from the scene

At the same time, the dead purple-robed puppet suddenly jumped up from the ground! He circled his hands and twisted the air of the surrounding like a hurricane!

The hurricane generated by him issued a sharp whining beep

All the green puppets suddenly moved! The eyes behind the masks turned red and started to attack the people around them!

Fortunately, Gu Canmo and the team were very experienced on the battlefield and they were well-prepared beforehand. Once they heard the word "run" from Di Fuyi, they already retreated immediately and flew to the top of the roofs nearby

Those green puppets wanted to chase after them, however, the flat land suddenly cracked and a red light flashed and lava oozed out from the ground. Besides, there was also a big net emerging on top of the green-clothed men

Those green puppets acted very fast and wanted to jump out from the lava. However, they were being trapped under the big net and slowly they were engulfed in the lava

Gu Xijiu stood on the top of the roof. The person who was holding her waist was Di Fuyi. Apparently, the person who carried her and retreated in time was him.

Long Siye was slightly slower but he was still able to follow Di Fuyi and landed on the rooftop.

He glanced at the tight arm around Gu Xijius waist. He stepped forward, "Xijiu, come."

Gu Xijiu was concentrating on the green puppets in the lava at the moment and she was still trying to find the purple-robed puppet. When Long Siye called her, she did not respond but only stared at him and cooly replied, "It's okay, I will watch from here."

Long Siye was speechless.

These days, Gu Xijiu and Di Fuyi had always stayed close to each other. In the addition, in order to lure the culprit behind, she had to pretend to be a couple with Di Fuyi. They always held hands and cuddled with each other and now, they were even used to it already.

Therefore, when her waist was held by Di Fuyi tightly, she did not feel anything. She thought that the location she stood was the best position to watch the scene.

"Xijiu!" Long Siye called her again and he could not help but reminded, "We have completed our task and you dont have to continue acting anymore"

Finally, Gu Xijiu was awoken!

It was true. The task was completed and she did not have to be close to Di Fuyi anymore

Damn, she had already gotten used to it!

She quietly pushed away Di Fuyi's hand and smiled, "Thank you Celestial Master Zuo for your help." Then she stepped back to the side of Long Siye.

Di Fuyi looked at her for a moment and did not speak.