The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 834

Chapter 834: This Is What She Asked For

The spell array on the ground had completely launched. Those green puppets would not be able to run away from it but fell into the lava and instantly melted into gas.

Half of the spell array below was contributed by Gu Xijiu. For example, the ground was cracked because of her using the landmine

The ground was cracked piece by piece. When everyone retreated, they did not bring Yun Qingluo along with them. At this moment she was struggling and screamed to escape.

Gu Canmo was still worried about her identity as a heaven's gift disciple. He looked at Di Fuyi, "Celestial Master Zuo, do we need to save her? After all, she is a heaven's gift disciple She cannot die."

Di Fuyi was calm, "No, we dont have to save her. This is what she asked for."

"But she is a heavens gift disciple"

"The identity of a heaven's gift disciple is not an amnesty of acting badly. Once she commits a crime, she has to be punished too!" Di Fuyi sounded very calm.

"Alright!" Gu Canmo finally relieved.

It was good. The heavens gift disciple had to follow the rules of this continent too.

Gu Xijiu who was listening at the side was curious and asked, "According to The Lord, the heavens gift disciple cannot die. What if The Lord blame us for not saving her?"

Di Fuyi simply answered, "I will bear the responsibility."

Therefore, no one spoke up anymore. They looked at Yun Qingluo who had nowhere to escape and was slowly being rolled into the lava and disappeared.

"How about the purple-robed puppet?" Gu Xijiu still thought of him.

"He had also rolled into the lava." Long Siyes eyes were very sharp.

Gu Xijiu finally relieved, "I never knew that he was not dead yet and was still able to jump up and instruct the zombie That was the Zhuxian knife, right? Why did he not perish despite his heart being stabbed?"

Long Siye was actually confused but he did not know the reason. He paused and said, "Perhaps it was because he was a puppet?"