The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 835

Chapter 835: He Treated Himself As Hero

"If he was still able to jump out to instruct the green puppets, it might be due to Yun Qingluo. After all, it was her puppet and she should be able to control him."

Gu Xijiu said, "It is not that simple! Yun Qingluo was indeed the master of the puppet. However, the green-clothed zombies were not manipulated by her. When the purple-robed puppet jumped up, he directly instructed the zombies so I assume that his soul did not die yet!"

Long Siye nodded, he looked at her gently, "Xijiu, your analysis is right" He looked down and said, "However he has rolled into the lava already. There is a spell in the lava so I think his soul should be dead now."

Gu Xijiu did not reply anymore. She had a feeling that it was not so simple

However, the good thing was Di Fuyi finally caught the culprit behind all the incidents and it was considered a successful plan.

She looked down again. At this moment, all the green puppets had been rolled into the lava and already disappeared.

Where did all these zombies come from?

Was the Master Gu the culprit behind all these incidents? Was his soul already dead? She never expected him to also come to this world - so ambitiously even!

Gu Xijiu had read a lot of novels about the main male character who went to a different generation. The man was always the one who fancied power, so the main male character always liked to conquer the world in a different generation and finally became the hero who unified the world. There were even novels that the male character visited various planets and eventually unified the whole galaxy. These main characters always had many beautiful wives that served them.

It seemed like Master Gu had treated himself as the hero after he came into a different world, so he eagerly wanted to replace Di Fuyi and perhaps he also wanted to replace The Lord

Unfortunately, he misjudged the wisdom of the ancients, particularly the super intelligent Celestial Master Zuo. As the result, he was trapped and set up by Di Fuyi!

Since this man could freely possess the body of a puppet, he should also be able to possess anybody. Would he be killed so easily?

"Celestial Master Zuo, do you know who these zombies were? Are you able to identify them?" Gu Canmo asked.

Di Fuyi lightly replied, "They should be the hunters who were killed in the town of Feixing Kingdom where it was destroyed."

Gu Can be stunned. He frowned, "These zombies were actually normal humans? The purple-robed puppet must be very powerful to train an average human being to be so strong. Luckily, he is now dead or else he would be using these zombies to create more chaos on this continent."

Di Fuyi remained silent.

Gu Canmo continued, "Celestial Master Zuo, since these zombies were normal humans, they were innocent. Should we pray for them to rest in peace?"

Di Fuyi finally looked at Long Siye, "What do you think, Overlord Long?"

Long Siye could barely smile, "These zombies do not have a soul. We are not able to pray for them.

Di Fuyi suddenly laughed. Long Siye was confused with his laugh, "Why are you laughing?"

Di Fuyi answered, "You really think that they were zombies?"

Long Siye was choked, "If they were not zombies, what were they?"

Di Fuyi looked down. It was actually a big spell array underneath the ground. All the green puppets had now fallen into the lava and melted into gas. The spell array started to restore the ground. The lava was now slowly sinking, the soil started to roll up with the grass and covered the ground

The scene below had returned to normal. There was a lake with a pavilion at the side. The grass was long and the birds were flying about.

Who would have thought that there would be a war here just a few minutes ago?

Who would have thought that it had just buried thousands of people under the ground?