The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 836

Chapter 836: The Best Chance

"Lets go down for a talk. It is quite windy up here and I feel cold." Di Fuyi stretched his body.

"Alright, lets go down to talk." Long Siye held Gu Xijius hand and leaped down before everyone.

Gu Xijiu was wearing a light yellow tunic today. When she flew in the air she looked like a butterfly.

Long Siye was wearing a big white robe, so when he flew down he looked like a cloud. When both of them flew together it created a beautiful sight.

Everyone from Tianju Hall was stunned.

Even someone as boring as Gu Canmo could also sense something was not right. He could not help but look at Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi was actually still smiling. He was leaning on a cushion prepared by Mu Feng and said only one sentence, "Carry me down."

So, Mu Feng carried him by flying down to the ground together with the other three messengers.

The rest of the people also followed suit and jumped down to the ground.

In fact, Gu Xijiu had never expected that Long Siye would hold her to fly down together. He was too fast. When she could react, they were already in midair. In her whole life, she never liked to have physical contact with other people. Even when she was dating Long Xi in her past life, they always walked shoulder to shoulder only and never held hands.

Therefore, this time she subconsciously wanted to withdraw her hand, but Long Siye was holding it tightly, making her unable to withdraw it at that moment. After a slight delay, they had already landed on the ground.

When they landed, Long Siye still did not let go of her hand. Gu Xijiu actually felt the pain of his grip. She could not help but frown. If she pulled her hand away too hard, it would probably attract a lot of attention from others.

So she raised her hand and tried to tidy up her hair so that she could take the opportunity to withdraw her hand.

But Long Siye pulled her closer to him then he helped her lift up her hair from her forehead.

These movements were gentle but powerful, unless Gu Xijiu wanted to quarrel and fight with him, or else she would never be able to withdraw her hand from him.

His fingers were filled with a scent. He looked at her and talked to her through directed audio, "Xijiu, now the culprit behind the scene had been eliminated. Our show should also come to an end. Why dont we take this opportunity to explain the misunderstanding to everyone? This is the best chance to tell."

Gu Xijiu's heartbeat raced. Before she could answer, Long Siye already started to explain to everyone who had already jumped down to the ground, "Ladies and gentlemen, Celestial Master Zuo, Xijiu and I have some plans in order to lure the culprit behind. Before this Celestial Master, Zuo and Xijiu were just acting as a couple to show to the culprit, whilst my disappointment was also staged to trap the culprit. In fact, Xijiu and I love each other and we have made a promise to be together. As it is a very important plan and we are afraid of information leaking, we never tell anyone and cause the misunderstanding of everyone. We apologize for that. In order to compensate, I wish to give out a few bottles of pills"

His voice was clear and loud so the message reached everyone very precisely.

Everyone was shocked and they all looked at Gu Xijiu. Of course, there were also people who turned and looked at Di Fuyi who was leaning on the cushion.

Celestial Master Zuo did not speak. He had a mask on his face so no one could actually see his expression.

Gu Xijiu's face was slightly pale. The day when Long Siye revealed the secret of Di Fuyi and her body exchange, they talked for the whole night and discussed the culprit behind the scene. Long Siye volunteered to act as the spy who had just broken up with the lover to lure the culprit. As the timing was just right, his suggestion was appropriate and that was how all the incidents happened after that.