The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 839

Chapter 839: Irrefutable Truth

Gu Xijiu looked at her courtyard. It was the original look with a fairly complete set of furniture and could support a basic way of life.

If there were no unforeseen circumstances, she would live in this courtyard for eight to nine years. She supposed to decorate it properly. However, she was somehow lazy and was not interested to do it at the moment.

She thought that it was fine since the house was livable did not care much about the decoration and did not want to spend time on it.

She could still do it when she had the mood to do it in future. Now she just wanted to focus on learning and improving her spiritual power. Other than that, she had not much interest in anything else.

At first, Long Siye came and visited her once when she moved here. He happily offered to help Gu Xijiu design it. However, although he was a genius, he had no talent in this aspect. It could be seen from his own house which looked like a snow cave. Gu Xijiu did not expect him to design anything nice for her.

In the addition, Gu Xijiu was the one who designed for Long Siye in her previous life because he had totally no talent in this area.

Therefore, since Gu Xijiu had no interest now to decorate, he could not simply design for her too, so he could only withdraw his offer.

Anyway, although the house was not decorated, it was still very comfortable so she was not in a hurry to change it.

As for Di Fuyi, he was the talent in this aspect but he had never come to her house even once.

After that 'acting' drama ended, he had no interaction with Gu Xijiu anymore.

He still lived in Tianju Hall and lectured once every three days. He was a good lecturer. The content he taught was very interesting and lively. Most importantly it was easy to understand. The students liked attending his class very much. Every one of his classes had full attendance and there were even students from other classes coming in to listen to his lecture.

During his class, he would raise the question to the students to test their knowledge. The students that were asked by him would be very excited. If they knew the answer, they would answer it very loudly; otherwise, they would feel very embarrassed. Fortunately, although Di Fuyi always liked to criticize others, he was very gentle during his classes. If the students did not know how to answer his question, he would not criticize them. Sometimes if he was in a good mood, he would even encourage the students and they would feel touched!

Nevertheless, after so many lectures Di Fuyi had given, he never asked Gu Xijiu a single question. Perhaps it was because he wanted to avoid rumors, or he had finally let go of Gu Xijiu. Both of them had no interaction at all.

Every teacher liked good student; Di Fuyi was no exception. Most of the time when he raised a question, he liked to ask those good students.

Although Gu Xijiu had lower spiritual power, she was very intelligent and savvy. Almost all lecturers liked her and loved to ask her questions. Every time when she answered, she not only provided the correct answer but also able to relate to another topic which the teachers had never thought of. There were also times when she could even solve the question that the teachers were not able to solve.

Long Siye gave lectures once every two days. He was also a good teacher. Most of his lessons were highly rated by the students. However, he seldom asked the students questions. Even when he asked, he would pick Gu Xijiu to answer his question. Gu Xijiu was very assertive and always wanted to do her best. Therefore, when she prepared for the lesson, she focused more on the medicine refinery lesson which was taught by Long Siye so that she could answer all questions when being asked.

For the lesson of Flying Wind magic taught by Di Fuyi, Gu Xijiu did prepare for the first few classes. However, after she noticed that Di Fuyi would never ask her any questions, she did not want to prepare anymore but just prepared the general lecture notes.

Of course, she was still very serious in class and was able to master the knowledge very well.