The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 84

Chapter 84: I'm Ready to Die to Preserve My Chastity

"You touched me too" The beautiful princess continued to accuse.

Gu Xijiu, "" She had only covered her mouth and her knife in her hand barely touched her back.

The beautiful princess was so close to Gu Xijiu that she could clearly see her dense eyelashes amidst the water vapor.

That beauty seemed did not see the knife at her neck and went a step nearer to Gu Xijiu. Her lips slightly curved, "I, a princess, has been seen and touched by a man. Thus, I have lost my chastity and Im ready to die to preserve it" She should be having a grieving expression but Gu Xijiu somehow felt that she was fluent and elegant, charming and seductive. She was touched and her hardened heart was slightly softened.

The women of this era were still very conservative. Those great women recorded in '1 Lie Nv Zhuan', amputated their hand with determination after a man had touched them unintentionally!

'1 Lie Nv Zhuan' was an ancient Chinese book about the stories of famous women.

Comparatively, as this princess had been seen and touched relatively thoroughly - would she commit suicide to protect her chastity?!

It would be a pity if this beautiful and elegant beauty dies because of this little misunderstanding!

Rarely, Gu Xijiu felt that she had done something evil and she should take the initiative to remedy the situation.

As she was determined, she said, "Im a woman!"

The eyes of the beautiful princess turned to look at her body and stared at the main spot where her breasts were supposed to be and said, "I cant tell."

Her pair of watery eyes were set off by the fox-eye jewel in the middle of her forehead, thus appearing to be more charming.

Gu Xijiu was feeling sad because the petite body of hers had not matured yet, even when she was already thirteen years old. This was due to the fact that she did not have enough food and nutrients, hence, if one looked only at her chest, she was no different from the boys.

"My body was not developed properly" Gu Xijiu explained, "Im truly a girl if you dont believe me" She paused.

"Then?" The beautiful princess shifted her focus to her face. There were still water droplets on her eyelashes as if dripping down. And the princess continued, "How are you going to prove yourself?"

If she could not prove that she was a girl, this beautiful princess would probably commit suicide. It would be a waste of God's good gift if this gorgeous lady perished before her

Gu Xijiu did not want to take her pants off to show her.

Still feeling determined, Gu Xijiu held the princesss hand and swiped it between her legs as fast as lightning before quickly pulling it up, "Now, do you believe me?"

Gu Xijiu was wearing plain trousers so that she could move easily, but as she was underwater, her trousers had become wet and stuck to her body. Therefore, if she was really a man, the genitals would have protruded out clearly, even if it was protected by a pair of trousers.

She held her hand and quickly swiped through her crotch again so that she could feel that there was nothing phallic there

Naturally, she could prove that she was a woman.

The beautiful princess probably did not expect her to be so direct in her actions. She was shocked and stared at her in scrutiny.

Her eyes were as deep as the sea and there seemed like countless stars shining in it under the dim light. There were so beautiful, almost immortal-like.

"Not convincing enough." The beautiful princess spat out two words and with a slight pause, she continued, "You could be castrated." Her focus stopped again on the face of Gu Xijiu and said, "Your facedoesnt look like a woman's too."

Gu Xijiu, ""

Her face was covered by the disguise but was looking healthy with a purplish-red glow. Her eyebrows were long and extended to her temples while her face was nothing similar to a delicate woman, but instead, more similar to a dashing man. She only did not have male genitals!

That was why the princess had thought that she was a castrated man.