The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 842

Chapter 842: Blocked Our Way

Of course, the owner did not recognize Gu Xijiu because the last time she was here, she came dressed as a young man. Usually, when VIPs like Long Siye went to the restaurant, the boss would welcome him and ask some guests to leave even if there were customers in the second-floor lounge.

But this time, the boss expressed his apology to Long Siye, because somebody else had reserved the private lounge upstairs. Gu Xijiu was okay if they did not dine in this restaurant, so she suggested to go to another place. However, Qian Lingyu had a bad temper. Once he decided to eat somewhere, he did not want to let it go. He liked the dishes of this restaurant and insisted on dining here. On top of that, he wanted to have a private room, so he requested the boss to get a few portable shades to isolate a space for them on the ground floor. But the ground floor was full of diners, and there was no space for them anywhere.

The owner refused to do so, of course. Qian Lingyu was angry and asked, "I remembered there were seven to eight private lounges on the second floor. How many lounges did the guests reserve upstairs?"

The boss paused and answered, "One"

Qian Lingyu grew more frustrated with the owner, "They only need one lounge, but booked the whole floor? What a waste! I have to meet these people to ask them not to block our way." Before he finished his sentence, he already started to walk up to the second floor.

While he was on his way up, a bright light flashed in front of him. A man was standing in front of him, and Qian Lingyu almost crashed into him. He looked up in surprise, "Grandpa!"

That man was shocked too, "Kid, why are you here?" Then he looked down to Long Siye and greeted, "Brother Long, how are you doing? It is rare to see you, please come up and have a drink together with me.

Long Siye knew this guy. He was the Overlord of the Jiuxing clan. He was also known as Qian Yueran and is a heaven's gift disciple. He was surprised to see him and asked, "Brother Qian, why are you here?" Right after he finished his question, there was a lady's voice that could be heard, "Overlord Long, I am here too."

Long Siye was speechless. He smiled, "What happened today? Overlord Hua is here too!" This lady was the Overlord of the Yinyang clan, also known as Hua Wuyan.

Usually, the five heaven's gift disciple would have a gathering once every three years. However, today was not the day that it was supposed to happen. Long Siye was quite surprised to meet two heaven's gift disciples.

Qian Yueran invited them again, "You come up first, and we will tell you in detail."

He stared at Gu Xijiu and the other two and asked, "Are these students with you?" They must be your favorite students."

He could not recognize Gu Xijiu as she had changed too much. Long Siye was obviously stunned for a while. It seemed like it was a gathering for heavens gift disciple and so it would not be appropriate to bring the three young people along.