The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 844

Chapter 844: The Feeling Of Emptiness

When she first moved back to her courtyard, she would look next to her bed when she woke up. However, there was no bed next to her's anymore.

During those days, whether she went to class or practiced spiritual power at home, Di Fuyi would have every meal with her. Although they argued at times, and he even took advantage of her, Gu Xijiu thought that those moments were precious to her and she got accustomed to it.

After she moved out from Di Fuyis courtyard, she had been eating in the cafeteria without him.

Although the meal prepared for the Ziyun class was very delicious, she felt that it was nothing compared to the food she had with Di Fuyi. Before this, she would never care about anyone's attention. However, when she attended Di Fuyis class, the attention she got from the students made her feel uncomfortable. She even felt sentimental when she was in the class and had a feeling of emptiness. She did not want to have such feelings anymore so she was somehow reluctant to attend his class.

She skipped the previous class with a simple excuse. Of course, she asked Lan Waihu to take notes for her so that she did not fall out of the course. She felt guilty and thought that it was terrible to skip class, so she started to consider changing classes.

There was an excellent medicine lecture in the Ziyun second class. Gu Xijiu attended the course once before and found that the knowledge of this lecturer was even more abundant than the Firmament Stone's. She had been very good at medicine, so this lecturer liked her a lot and actively encouraged her to go to his second lesson.

Gu Xijiu thought that she should consider changing class to have a better life in Tianju Hall and avoid her unnecessary worries. Di Fuyi taught a lecture once every three days. Hence, after Gu Xijiu skipped the previous class, it had been six days she had any interaction with him. No, actually she met him under the maple tree when he was playing chess with other people, and she even greeted him that time.

But now when Gu Xijiu suddenly saw him, she subconsciously stopped for a moment. Di Fuyi looked very casual as he glanced through Gu Xijiu and the rest when they walked up to the second floor. It was no different from how he treated the other students when he was in Tianju Hall.

The three young people came forward to greet him, and he just nodded his head without saying anything. Qian Lingyu thought that he could have a nice dinner since it was rare for them to come out from Tianju Hall. However, he never expected to meet the VIPs and his grandfather. It made him feel uncomfortable, so after he greeted everyone, he tried to ask, "Grandpa, I think you adults have some important matters to discuss. We don't want to join you for dinner. Why don't we go to the next lounge and not to disturb you all?"

In fact, Qian Yueran also felt uncomfortable in front of his grandson. If he never met his grandson, he could still act like a young man. After his grandson called him as grandpa, he felt like he was too old and was about to fall sleep in a coffin! Hence, he waved his hand, "Go. Please dont bully the young ladies!"

After Qian Lingyu got his permission, he immediately pulled Gu Xijiu and Lan Waihu away to the next lounge. At first, Long Siye wanted to let Gu Xijiu sit together with him. However, since Di Fuyi was here, he just let Gu Xijiu go with Qian Lingyu. He just did not want to give any chance for Di Fuyi to get close to Gu Xijiu! He then glanced around, smiled and said, "Why is everyone here? What is so special about today?"