The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 847

Chapter 847: Why Are You Acting Cute? You Are A Man!

Yan Chen studied the new plan for a moment and praised, "Good! Xijiu, I did not know that you are so talented in this area! I admire you!"

Qian Lingyu was sitting in envy at the side, "Xijiu! I also want your design!"

Yan Chen kicked him, "I thought you had completed yours? It is so glittering already"

"After Xijiu visited my place, she said it is not suitable for me. She said that it is too glittering that it would affect my growth, so I want to redesign it. Xijiu, can you help me to design mine?" Qian Lingyu tried to pull Gu Xijius sleeve.

Qian Lingyu frequently noticed Lan Waihu doing this same action to Gu Xijiu, so he tried to imitate it. Yan Chen could not bear with it and despised him, "Why are you acting cute? You're a man!"

It was very crowded in the student's lounge. Long Siye could tell from the noises they made that the four of them were seated too close to each other. He got a bit annoyed. He had a sudden realization that his rival was not only Di Fuyi but also Yan Chen and Qian Lingyu. Especially Qian Lingyu, he had been hanging around Gu Xijiu almost every day.

Qian Lingyu was her classmates and her teammate. It was understandable for him to mingle with Gu Xijiu every day. Long Siye suddenly had a thought that being Gu Xijiu's lecturer was not as good as being her classmate! He could not help but look at Di Fuyi. This man usually acted without limits, and he had his way of doing things. However, his emotional intelligence was very high. He had been sitting there with the same knowledge but drank his tea calmly.

Long Siye did not think that Di Fuyi had given up on Gu Xijiu. He must be planning something in the background. Once he started to act, everyone should expect a big move!

The four youngsters in the next lounge were delighted. It seemed like they were now playing games together. Gu Xijiu used to be an assassin, so she was undoubtedly good at playing drinking games. Besides, she was a good drinker, so she always won the games. Especially today against these three students. Since they were all youngsters, once they started to play the game, they did not hold back!

Among four of them, Lan Waihu was the one who lost most of the time. The loser needed to either drink or perform. Unfortunately, Lan Waihu was the weakest in drinking, and she did not know how to perform. Thus, Yan Chen was the one who helped her to drink when she suffered a penalty. However, Yan Chen was not a good drinker either, so after he drank an extra glass for a few rounds, his handsome face turned red.

Lan Waihu was worried for him, so she begged Gu Xijiu to help instead. When Gu Xijiu was about to help her, Qian Lingyu suddenly suggested, "Xijiu, I know that you are good at singing. Why don't you sing as punishment?"

Gu Xijiu was a bit tipsy too, and singing was her strength, so she did not reject. She tried to choose an old school song to avoid suspicion of her previous existence. Her voice was sharp and clear, and the pronunciation was accurate. When she sang, it felt warm like spring but also a bit chilly like snow.

Hua Wuyan looked at the other three persons on her table. Three of them quietly listened to Gu Xijiu's singing. Di Fuyi did not say anything but just tapped on the table to follow the beat. Long Siye was excited, and he took out his flute to play along with her rhythm. The singing from the next lounge then came to a pause.