The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 849

Chapter 849: Matchmake

If Di Fuyi did not ask to dismiss everyone, the other three would not dare to leave or request for it. It was already quite late in the night. The youngsters always prioritized sleep. Also, there was homework due tomorrow. Hence, Gu Xijiu and the other three decided to leave after they finished eating and drinking.

Long Siye took the opportunity to stand up and offered, "Let me send you all back."

Gu Xijiu did not say anything, but Qian Lingyu laughed, "Overlord Long, thank you for your offer, but I don't think it is necessary. It is not a long journey. We will be able to find our way back with our eyes closed. You can continue to discuss your important matters"

Qian Yueran had a minor headache when he saw Qian Lingyu, so he also tried to persuade Long Siye, "Don't worry, these kids are all elites. They will be safe. Moreover, young people preferred love to mix around with young people. We elderly people should stay away from them and give them some space."

Long Siye was speechless.

Old people? He had never felt old!

He was about to speak again, but Qian Lingyu continued, "Yes, grandpa you are right. Please give us some space. You all continue to discuss. Don't worry about us." So, the four of them excused themselves and left.

Qian Yueran shook his head and sighed, "Well, it is nice to be young! When we compare to them Sigh We are old! I remembered the time when Qian Lingyu was still a kid. Now he has grown so tall!"

Everyone remained silent and did not give him any response.

Qian Yueran continued to speak, "Did any of you notice that my grandson is interested in Miss Gu? This kid has always been proud and never falls for any girl who likes him. I was worried that he would never like a girl, but now it seems like he has changed! This kid has good taste. Miss Gu is beautiful and charming. It is good to have her as my granddaughter in law. Perhaps I should send a letter to Qian Lingyu's dad and ask him to matchmake the two"

He suddenly had an idea and eagerly looked at Di Fuyi and Long Siye, "Since two of you are their lecturers, can you all try to matchmake the two of them?"

Hua Wuyan was furious with his insensitivity! She sent a Direct Audio to him, "Brother Qian, dont you know that Overlord Long is interested in Miss Gu?"

"Uh?" Qian Yueran looked shocked as he stared at Long Siye. He spoke without second thought, "Brother Long, are you okay? Are you interested in Miss Gu? How old are you? How old is she? I thought that you are old enough to be her grandfather!"

Long Siye was furious!

Di Fuyi had started to pack his wine set. He did not want to continue talking to these idiots. However, Qian Yueran was trying to find his ally, so he asked Di Fuyi, "Brother Di, please tell me if I am correct. Brother Long can be Miss Gus grandfather. Please help me to advise him"

Di Fuyi replied very calmly, "You old people, please dont talk to me anymore in the future." Then, he turned and disappeared from the lounge.

Qian Yueran was stunned.

Had he said something wrong?

Then he looked at Long Siye, "Brother Long"

Long Siye also replied him coldly, "I also dont want to talk to old people." Then he also left the lounge.