The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 850

Chapter 850: Are You Misleading Me?

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"Mu Yun, come out!" Di Fuyi shouted once he was back in his courtyard.


Mu Yun immediately presented himself to Di Fuyi, "My Lord, do you have any orders for me?"


Di Fuyi sized him up, "Are you misleading me?"


Mu Yun was shocked and quickly replied, "I would not dare! What happened?"


Di Fuyi frowned, "The bad idea that you provided me... You told me to keep a distance from her to catch her heart. Why do I have a feeling that she is getting further away from me?"


Mu Yun was the expert in love among the four custodians. He pondered for a while and said, "My Lord, I think even if you want to keep a distance from her, you have to give her some hard moments too. I think the hard moments you have given were insufficient…"


Di Fuyi frowned, "Not enough? How should I make things worse?" This girl had started to skip his class. Although it was only one class, he was worried. In fact, he was not in a good mood during that lesson.


Luckily, Mu Yun was an expert in relationships. Di Fuyi heard that Mu Yun had successfully made a beauty queen fall for him, so Di Fuyi believed in Mu Yun's ideas.


Mu Yun was very dedicated to helping to solve The Lord's issue. After pondering for a while, he said, "My Lord, you can…"


Upon sharing his idea, Di Fuyi frowned, "Are you sure it will work?"


Mu Yun promised, "Absolutely!"