The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 851

Chapter 851: You Can Have A Nap In Here

Di Fuyi's white robe swayed buoyantly in the wind.

"Xijiu, would you like to take a walk with me?" Long Siye asked her in a jovial mood.

Gu Xijiu intuitively looked up into the night sky, "Its late now" It was already time for her to sleep.

"The Meiyue flower! You have always wanted to see the Meiyue flower, havent you? Tonight is the time of its full blossom. If you miss it, you will have to wait for another three months."

She was convinced. In fact, the flower's blossoming season was rather short. It would only bloom once every three months and only for a day. The flower was even rarer than the Telosma Cordata, as the blossom would only occur during the night. This species was not just for admiration; it was also a very rare herb. Gu Xijiu needed it to produce many kinds of pills.

The Meiyue flower could only be found in a bleak valley within the mountains. It was hidden area where few people would pass, so it was impressive that Long Siye could find the place. He had even predicted the time that it would blossom.

Under the crescent moon, there was a land filled with blossoming flowers swaying from left to right. They were as beautiful as the flickering stars in the sky.

The Meiyue flower had a unique appearance. Its shape resembled a purple plum flower, but the apex of the stem that held the flower was in the form of a golden crescent moon. At first glance, it looked as though a plum flower were blossoming on the surface of a crescent moon.

The place where Long Siye had brought Gu Xijiu was filled with an abundance of such flower. They blossomed gorgeously, filling the entire land. The sky was filled with an array of flickering stars as well, which made the scene very heavenly. Certainly enough to take ones breath away.

"Xijiu, do you like it here?" Long Siye asked her with a smile.

"I like it! There are so many beautiful flowers!" Gu Xijiu started to take out her basket to fill it up with the flowers.

"Take it easy; you can always pick the flowers later." Long Siye halted her, "The flowers will continue to blossom for the next three hours, so let them be. We should admire the beauty of the flowers now."

Gu Xijiu could not hold back her amusement, "Since when did Teacher Long start to have a tender heart for beautiful flowers?" She recalled the time when Long Xi brought her along to pick herbs in their previous life. He would always pick the flowers without hesitating, no matter how beautiful or ugly the flower looked. When she finally tried to stop him, he thought that she was not being hard-hearted enough and started giving her lessons on the proper affairs of being an assassin.

Anyway, she was a little tired at this time. She only wanted to pick the flowers so she could go back to bed. Moreover, she would have a class with Di Fuyi the next day. She had already skipped the class once. If she were to skip another lesson, her classmates would not be very happy about it. She let out a noticeable yawn.

"Sleepy?" Long Siye was concerned.

"Yes, yes." Gu Xijiu nodded and wanted to take the opportunity to tell him that they should pick the flowers immediately and head home. However, Long Siye somehow managed to make her a transparent tent that had thick fur blankets. He took her into the tent, "Come; you can have a nap in here."

While he talked, he proceeded to make her a pot of flower-scented tea and took out some delicate pastries as supper.

Gu Xijiu was moved. The food was what she used to prepare for her in her previous life whenever she would stay up late. The tea that he used to make was chrysanthemum tea though. The one that Long Siye had prepared for her today was ice lotus flower tea. Its taste was more aromatic and savory than chrysanthemum tea.

To keep up with Long Xi, she used to give up on her preferences and pretended that she liked green tea. She always thought that she hid it well, not knowing that Long Xi knew it all along. It was evident from his preparations today.

The ice lotus flower was rare. One flower would easily cost a hundred gold coins. The pot of tea that Long Siye had prepared for her had a total of 20 flowers, with every flower being the best quality of its kind.