The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 856

Chapter 856: He Was Right About Her

She could taste the herbal fragrance in his mouth. She could distinctly feel the warmth of his lips. Even the texture of his lips was now a known variable. They were firmer than hers. A mans lips could never be quite as soft as a womans.

Her body was frozen. She tried so hard to suppress the thought of escaping so she could feel Long Siye's kiss. His breath was scorching, and Gu Xijiu felt a little uncomfortable as it felt like a dragon was breathing down her neck.

It was not right. There was no thundering heartbeat, no dazzling sensation. She could even tell that his lips were a little dry. The exchange was becoming a little too unbearable.

Their lips had only touched for two seconds, but Gu Xijiu could no longer stand it. She raised her head and pushed Long Siye away abruptly. She then teleported and shifted herself out of the tent.

"Xijiu" Long Siyes heart sank as he followed her out.

Gu Xijiu was utterly confused and disconcerted, "Overlord Long, I am sorry." She turned and teleported away without collecting the flowers.

Long Siye was dumbfounded as he stood still. The flowers swayed, and they could be heard brushing against each other in the wind. When the sky turned bright, these incredibly beautiful flowers would eventually wither away and wilt.

Would his love story be the same as these Meiyue flowers? A glamour that only lasted a moment? His fingers were cold. He felt as though he had fallen into a deep abyss, overwhelmed with immensely frightening despair.

When Gu Xijiu finally made it back to her house, the day was beginning to break with subdued light. The soft rays of the morning sun slowly covered the distant sky.

Her heart was rumbling, but her limbs were cold. She wanted to lie down and have a rest. However, she could feel the unsettlement in her chest.

She sat up and went on to rinse her face with cold water. She wanted to calm her heated head down. She then sat on the bed, with both arms hugging her knees, and started to ponder.

She cleared her puzzled mind up a little and discovered a depressing fact that what she felt towards Di Fuyi and Long Siye was utterly different.

When she was with Di Fuyi, she would lose herself easily, fuss about things freely, become vulnerable readily and become delighted effortlessly.

Her heart beat faster when she saw him and became flustered when he kissed her. She could feel her blood rush and her mind becoming blank. These symptoms were the ones that were pictured by the authors of love stories when the male and female leads were together. She had always thought that those were simply made up by the writers to fool the readers. However, the symptoms had happened exactly to her!

She was very rational when she was with Long Siye. She liked to analyze each situation when she was with him. She had never been affectionate to him. Most of the time, he was like a man who could be trusted and depended on, also a comrade who could fight alongside her in battles.

When Long Siye kissed her, she was calm. She could even tell the warmth and the softness of his lips. There was no sign of her heart racing.

"Xijiu, are you wrong about your affection for Long Siye? Are you sure that you do not like him as an older brother?" That was what Di Fuyi once asked. She was not sure about it at the time and was a little frustrated by his question. It all seemed like a prediction. He was right about her feelings for Long Siye.

Could it be that she had fallen for Di Fuyi? When the thought popped out in her head, she could somehow feel a little suffocated.

It felt as though she was walking in a garden full of long grass and nightingales. To her dismay, there was suddenly a pool of swamp under her feet that could swallow her up as a whole. The whole sensation was a mixed feeling of heart racing and heart sinking.

What the person had made her feel was insecure. Sometimes, his tenderness was as soft as water. Other times, his merciless nature was enough to cause her to tremble with fright.

She had always thought that she liked to be anchored to a calm harbor.