The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 857

Chapter 857: We Are Still Friends!

Gu Xijiu had always thought that she liked to be anchored to a calm harbor. However, she realized that she would frequently get attracted to the violent seas with unpredictable giant waves. Just when she wanted to get into the ocean again, she remembered that she was not a skillful swimmer. If she jumped into the water, she would perish under the giant waves.

Would he really like another person? Would the things he said be trustworthy? He had been kind to her before, but was he doing it sincerely? Was he just trying to make a fool out of a young lady only for a moments curiosity? Di Fuyis image unexpectedly flashed before her eyes. Indeed, she also recalled his recent attitude. He seemed to have completely let her go, without holding back at all. Was the feeling that she had for him called love?

It was probably just a crush, as he had been too mysterious, too strong and too attention seeking. It was not necessarily 'love.' She was tossing and turning around. She realized that she was still utterly confused.

After spending some moments contemplating on her bed, she jumped out of it and rinsed her face with some cold water. She took a look outside and noticed the first faint streaks of dawn. The skies were already turning bright.

Standing in front of the mirror, she gently rubbed her dark circled eyes the aftermath of staying awake for the entire night. She observed her young, immature reflection in the mirror and laughed abruptly.

"Gu Xijiu, how old are you? Why did you get yourself entangled in a mature relationship? Your current aim should be to study and to become stronger. You are not here to contemplate about such matters. This is unlike you."

She calmed herself down and meditated for a little while so that she would look better. She then washed her face and rinsed her mouth another time. She lightly applied some makeup to cover up her dark circles. Her makeup skills were beyond competent. She looked like a spirited and energetic young lady again in just a short time.

When she was done, she headed towards the door, only to realize that Long Siye was already standing there waiting for her. She halted her steps. After the awkward kiss that happened last night, she was a little reluctant to see him again.

"Xijiu, you are up. Come, let us go for breakfast." Long Siye never mentioned a single word about what happened last night and approached her smilingly.

Gu Xijiu was a frank and straightforward person. It was fine when she had not made herself clear of her feelings towards Long Siye. Now that she had a clear understanding of it, she was especially guilty. She knew that she was sorry to him. Now that she had confirmed that her feelings for him were not what she thought it ought to be, she did not want him to become entangled with her even more. It would not do anyone any good if they continued to be involved in a perplexing relationship. She took a deep breath, "Overlord Long, I have reconsidered it after my return, I think"

She was interrupted by Long Siye, "Xijiu, you do not have to say anything, I understand. I was too aggressive. Please do not have any hard feelings. We can still be friends like we used to, cant we?"

Friends? Gu Xijiu could feel the warmth in her heart. He was exceptionally thoughtful and understanding. She felt even more guilty to some extent but also relieved.

She did not wish to lose Long Siye as a friend. She really wanted to become his comrade who fought with him shoulder to shoulder. She was touched and nodded vigorously, "Alright! We are still friends! Teacher Long, thank you! Thank you for your understanding. Thank you for everything that you have done for me. Although I cannot repay your love, I will not hesitate to lay down my life if need be, for you."

Long Siye patted on her shoulder and chuckled, "Why are you so courteous to me? You are still young, so you should not be thinking about relationships. What you should be doing now is to concentrate on your studies and practice your Kung Fu. Do not embarrass yourself as the disciple of The Lord."

"Definitely!" It was such a great weight off her shoulders. She smiled cheerfully, "I will be the greatest!"