The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 858

Chapter 858: There Are Many Things That You Do Not Expect

"You have always been the best, I have known it for a very long, long time. Alright, let us go for food," said Long Siye, softly.

Baffled, Gu Xijiu asked, "By the way, arent the boys sending the dishes to all the teachers in your respective residences? Why should you eat in the canteen?"

Long Siye smiled gently, "I would like you to treat me."


Long Siye stretched out his hand, revealing the Meiyue flowers in his palms. They smelled of delicate fragrance. "I have collected the flowers for you; there are approximately 80 pieces. Shouldn't you treat me to a meal?"

Gu Xijius eyes widened, "Alright! My treat!"

The breakfast in Tianju Hall was really scrumptious.

Gu Xijiu did not hold back, as she generously ordered a table full of food. The dishes were all Long Siyes favorites.

Long Siye threw a general glance around the table and was very pleased, "Xijiu, you know my preferences well."

Gu Xijiu could not hold back her amusement, "Say no more. It has been years of friendship"

Just when she was about to finish her sentence, the hall fell into an abrupt silence. A clear voice could be heard saying, "Celestial Master Zuo is here!"

"What is going on today? Overlord Long is here in the food hall, and Celestial Master Zuo is here as well!"

While the chatters continued, the students in the hall all kneeled down on the floor to greet his arrival, just like how they had welcomed the arrival of Long Siye a few moments ago.

Gu Xijius heart skipped a beat. She turned to look in the direction of the door and saw the entry of Di Fuyi. Along with him was Messenger Mu Yun.

A sudden realization hit Gu Xijiu. It was no wonder that all the talented people were reluctant to come to the food hall. The arrivals would often cause excessive troubles, as all the people would have to keep kneeling to greet them.

Di Fuyis eyes ran over the entire hall and stopped at the table where Gu Xijiu was sitting at. He greeted Long Siye smilingly, "Overlord Long, you are here as well."

Long Siye was a little annoyed. He had a feeling that Di Fuyi's presence lately was like a haunting ghost who kept lingering around him.

Tight-lipped, he put on a false smile and said, " I did not expect Celestial Master Zuo to be here to share humble meals with the students."

Di Fuyi could be seen smiling faintly, "There are many things that you do not expect..."

"Celestial Master Zuo, here, here." Not too far away from them, Le Zixing stood up to greet Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi turned around and went towards the table where Le Zixing was sitting at. Le Zixing was apparently ready for the meal. She had prepared a lavish feast and filled the entire table with a variety of dishes.

"Celestial Master Zuo, are you satisfied with the dishes?" Le Zixing was seeking for his approval.

"Not bad! They are all my favorite food. It must have been a trouble for you, sit down and eat with me." Di Fuyi took out his personal ivory chopsticks and started to indulge in the appetizing meal with Le Zixing.

Gu Xijiu sat down at her table and felt a sudden loss of appetite at the sight of the tableful meal.

Long Siye was really enjoying himself with the food. He often complimented Gu Xijiu for being so considerate.