The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 861

Chapter 861: The Biggest Obstacle Ever

However, she would be very embarrassed if she could not make it up to the cliff and had become the last one to be up there!

"Oh right, just a reminder, this is to examine your Flying Wind magic but not others, hence, you're not allowed to use any other wizards or techniques! You'll be punished if you break the rules!" Di Fuyi added.

Everyone responded in acknowledgment.

Celestial Master Zuo had a pair of sharp eyes, hence, no one had the courage to be mischievous.

Therefore, Gu Xijiu has finally encountered the biggest obstacle ever since she came to Tianju Hall!

She was quite fast when she flew down from the cliff by using the Flying Wind magic as it was not difficult at all. The worst scene was probably the posture when she pretended to use the Flying Wind magic to conceal the fact that she jumped off the cliff. It was not obvious anyway.

However, she had a really hard time when she needed to fly up!

It was not easy to execute such a difficult magic spell even though they had mastered the basic concept of the theories.

Initially, everyone looked clumsy when they started to use magic; they were likened to a breakable thread of a flying kite.

However, they slowly learned and managed to correct their mistakes. After a while, some of them flew up to the cliff one by one...

There were lesser and lesser classmates on the ground but Gu Xijiu still did not manage to fly high enough. She had not mastered the basic knowledge and her spiritual power was low. In the end, she fell after she flew up to about 30 meters high.

An hour later, there was no one else on the ground except her. Even the lousiest student in the class had already flown up there.

She was the only one on the ground now...

Everyone had gotten their fruit off the cliff. Qian Lingyu was the first one who flew up to the cliff, hence, he got the biggest one. However, he did not eat the fruit but had put it away in the storage bag.

Since he flew up on the cliff, he continuously checked on the ground. He watched the students come up one after another and he also watched Gu Xijiu fall several times...

He was depressed and anxious when he saw Gu Xijiu was the only one at the bottom!

He knew Gu Xijiu was proud of herself and she wanted to be the best in everything. Although her spiritual power was low, she managed to achieve her glories based on her battling experiences.

Even though there were so many elites in the Ziyun first class, she managed to gain respect from most of the classmates and some of them even admired her.

They admired her intelligence and dexterity during the battles, they admired her as she managed to create so many miracles even though she was initially weak and disadvantageous compared to the opponents.

Even the teachers liked her very much as she took her studies seriously and was very determined to be the best in everything. She always knew what she wanted and even though her spiritual power was particularly lower than the rest, her learning outcomes were great enough to shine bright like a star in class.

She was such a proud and strong person, how could she willing to be the last one?

However, she was indeed the last one, in the eyes of the public, no less!

It was definitely a hurtful experience to her!

Qian Lingyu did not dare imagine.

He could not help but sent her a directed audio message, "Xijiu, come up with your teleportation and Qing Gong! I don't think they can see the difference, come up first!"

Lan Waihu was anxious as well; she was lingering at the edge of the cliff as she felt bad by looking at Gu Xijiu's not being able to come up! She could not help but secretly peek at Di Fuyi.

Celestial Master Zuo was sitting there with a silver mask on his face. He was literally sitting there and did nothing - no one could see his facial expression at all. There was a pot of tea in front of him. He took a sip when the competition had first begun. However, it seemed like he had not touched the tea for a long period of time.