The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 862

Chapter 862: Its Better To Find Someone Around Her Age

Lan Waihu finally spoke,"Celestial Master Zuo, Xijiu is actually very good but her spiritual power is lower than all of us, I feel you shouldn't force her"

Di Fuyi did not bother to look at her and she had no idea whether he had heard it. He was looking at the burning joss stick in front of him. He did mention earlier, that whoever could not make it up here before the joss stick completely burnt out would be considered a failure and he or she needed to be punished.

He did not mention what the penalty was, but everyone assumed it was definitely a very tough one based on his style of previous punishments. Perhaps, the loser would be sent to the forbidden land for punishment again.

Rumor has it that the punishment he gave to the heaven's gift disciples were enough to make their skin peel off in one single penalty...

While the non-heaven's gift disciples had always felt the fear whenever they heard him mention 'penalty' or 'punishment'. Most of the victims suffered a cruel punishment to the extent that they would rather not be born in this world...

So, what kind of penalty he would implement this time?

Lan Waihu was extremely mad!

After all, she saw something which others never did before. For example, she saw Celestial Master Zuo put on pants for Gu Xijiu, she saw Gu Xijiu pressing Celestial Master Zuo on the floor, she saw them hang out together hand-in-hand...

Although they had clarified that it was just a drama, Little Fox could sense they were not acting but it was real...

Even if they were really acting at the beginning, who knew that they were not into each other at the end?

Moreover, Celestial Master Zuo had mentioned before that he had never acted, hence, he probably did fall in love with Gu Xijiu!

However, Xijiu was very close to Long Siye recently, and she told Lan Waihu she liked Long Siye. Thus, Celestial Master Zuo must be taking revenge on Xijiu! He did not only neglect her but also tried to embarrass her publicly!

It must be like that!

Hmph! Shame on him!

He did not deserve Xijiu!

He was really bad compared to Overlord Long! At least, Gu Xijiu respected Overlord Long very much and he had never embarrassed her...

Little Fox was very mad and she sent a directed audio to Qian Lingyu to express her dissatisfaction. Qian Lingyu was on the same team with her and replied, "You're right! Celestial Master Zuo doesn't deserve Xijiu, but Long Siye was not that good as well. Don't forget that he was even older than my grandpa! It's better to find someone her own age."

Di Fuyi was holding a teacup in his hand behind the table. His fingers were pale as he clenched it tightly on the teacup.

Although he did not look down from the cliff, he could sense her trying even harder than the previous attempts. She rose but she fell again, repeatedly...

Although she could fly higher than the previous attempts, she still could not get to the height of the top.

The rest of the students were watching at the edge of the cliff.

Gu Xijiu has been attracting a lot of attention recently, hence, some people might not like her. Since she was still a newbie in Ziyun first class, many of the classmates remained alert toward her, hence, many were laughing at her at the moment...

Some of them were cheering while watching her having a hard time...

Of course, she did make many friends who were now anxious and in a state of panic because they could not help her.

Gu Xijiu had never encountered such an embarrassing moment before!

There was as though a pot of boiling water in her heart since she discovered the true motive behind Di Fuyi's intention. She was very mad and could not manage to focus her attention and energy.