The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 872

Chapter 872: Ill Follow You Wherever You Go

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The mad scientist had a very careful mind as he used Long Xi's guilt to force him to enter the assassin camp as a trainer so that Long Xi could protect the perfect clone on his behalf. Later, he faked his identity and taught Gu Xijiu the knowledge of venomous spells as a master of venomous spells.

She shook her head after sitting for awhile.

No matter what, it was over!

She was Gu Xijiu now; she was no longer a clone regardless of her identity in the previous life!

The first thing she wanted to do when she woke up was to tell Qian Lingyu and Lan Waihu about her intention of changing classes.

She had thought about it; she knew it was difficult for her to learn the Flying Wind magic with her current physique. It was not as easy as giving her best to try. Besides that, she did not want to be a 'special child' who received special treatment from him. Thus, it was a good idea for her to change class.

Lan Waihu said directly without hesitation, "Xijiu, I'm changing classes