The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 873

Chapter 873: Not Leave Any Of Them Behind

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Celestial Master Zuo was always an unpredictable weirdo, in fact, Gu Canmo did not really understand him and he was also very upset with Di Fuyi's action's this time around!

No matter if the girl liked him or not, she did not do anything harmful to him and yet, she helped him destroy his enemy. Thus, he was supposed to treat her nicely as it was good to be friends even though they could not be husband and wife.

However, Celestial Master Zuo seemed to have hated her as he neglected her in the class and intentionally embarrassed her publicly by implementing a practical class...

He was such a jerk! He was not generous with Gu Xijiu at all! Hmph!

And now she decided to avoid him! True, she should switch classes for the sake of her health!


He looked at Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu, "Xijiu has an excellent reason to change her class but why are you here?"

Little Fox immediately answered, "I want to follow Xijiu!"

Qian Lingyu was decisive as well, "We're not leaving