The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Sweetheart, Youre Afraid Of Thunder?
The Blue Phoenix was a majestic bird on this continent; it was equivalent to the Phoenix in the legend. The Blue Phoenix could fly 1000 miles and it was as rare as Lu Wu. According to the legend, the Blue Phoenix was one of the fortune birds. It was like a Chinese Kirin which always attracted the worships from the citizens and recorded in the book of history. The arrival of the Blue Phoenix was a sign that the prayer from the emperor had been heard by the Gods... It was such a mighty majestic bird, but, it was grilled by Celestial Master Zuo as though it was a wild chicken! It was grilled and eaten! Was he not afraid of the thunder? Was he? Gu Xijiu truly felt Celestial Master Zuo was indeed an extreme spender... Di Fuyi looked at her little mouth which was slightly opened, he sighed, "I took the risk of being struck by thunder and lightning to grill this bird for you. Eat more of it, don't waste my effort." He then stuffed his wine bottle into her hand, "Drink some to calm yourself." Gu Xijiu looked at the wine bottle in her hand and then looked at the bird wing which she had almost finished. She ate the Blue Phoenix! Would she get punished... Right at the moment, she wondered, a lightning flashed across the sky together with a loud thunder. Gu Xijiu subconsciously shrunk her body. What!! That was real!? She raised her head and looked up to the sky. She had no idea when the sky got so cloudy and it covered the moon and the starlight. A few flashes of lightning were chasing each other in the clouds. "Crack!" A lightning struck across the sky! Gu Xijiu jumped up from the futon and watched a ball of a lightning strike the greenstone beside Di Fuyi. The greenstone exploded and turned into ashes. Very soon, another lightning flashed across the sky again but the target was Di Fuyi's head! Gu Xijiu was shocked and subconsciously rushed over to carry him away by teleportation. She managed to escape to a few hundred meters away and the lightning struck on the burning flame. A lot of sparks were triggered and it almost turned the entire sky red! Gu Xijiu's ears were buzzing as the thunders were extremely loud. However, she could not bother to care too much at this moment as it was more important to escape from the thunders and lightning. Thus, she carried him by the waist and teleported again. Gu Xijiu liked to study the geography and landscape wherever she went, she liked to plan her strategies, hence, she was familiar with almost all the surroundings of the places she had been before. Not to mention the number of the trees at the bottom of the cliff, she even knew how many snake holes were hidden in this place. Of course, she also noticed a cave which was covered with many plants. Thus, the first option to escape from the lightning was to teleport into the cave. The cave was quite deep inside, she teleported more than 20 meters further into the cave after they went in as she was worried the lightning would follow them into the cave. She had not regained her attention as she looked out again after she stopped to check whether the lightning was following them. She was hiding so far into the cave, it probably would not manage to follow them unless a radar has been installed in there. She was right, the thunder and lightning did not follow them but only growled outside the cave. Gu Xijiu perked her ears up to listen and only exhaled after she confirmed it was not following them. "Sweetheart, you're afraid of thunder, aren't you?" Di Fuyi asked just right beside her ear. Gu Xijiu was stiff as it was only now that she realized that she was still carrying a 'big doll' on her arms. She quickly let go of him and took a few steps back. The far end of the cave was not spacious, hence, she almost fell and crashed on the wall of the cave.