The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 877

Chapter 877: Sweetheart, Youre Afraid Of Thunder?

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The Blue Phoenix was a majestic bird on this continent; it was equivalent to the Phoenix in the legend. The Blue Phoenix could fly 1000 miles and it was as rare as Lu Wu.

According to the legend, the Blue Phoenix was one of the fortune birds. It was like a Chinese Kirin which always attracted the worships from the citizens and recorded in the book of history. The arrival of the Blue Phoenix was a sign that the prayer from the emperor had been heard by the Gods...

It was such a mighty majestic bird, but, it was grilled by Celestial Master Zuo as though it was a wild chicken! It was grilled and eaten!

Was he not afraid of the thunder? Was he?

Gu Xijiu truly felt Celestial Master Zuo was indeed an extreme spender...

Di Fuyi looked at her little mouth which was slightly opened, he sighed, "I took the risk of being struck by thunder and lightning to grill this bird for you. Eat more of it, don't waste my effort." He then stuffed his wine bottle into her hand, "Drink some