The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 883

Chapter 883: You Have To Hug Me Tightly

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Both of them were chit chatting as the torrential rain poured outside the cave.

Gu Xijiu took a peep outside and felt annoyed. Initially, it was always raining in Tianju Hall during nightfall. However, the rainstorm seemed to have gone since Di Fuyi came with his messengers; she almost forgot about the weather.

As she looked at the thunderstorm and lightning outside, she was wondering whether the weather in Tianju Hall was back to normal or if the heavens were going to punish them for eating the Blue Phoenix. It must be the latter one!

The moment she thought about it, lightning struck the cave and caused a spark! Gu Xijiu was frightened and subconsciously knew the lightning was chasing after Di Fuyi. Thus, she rushed forward and carried him away with her teleportation power.

Di Fuyi hugged her and kept her safe in his arms. In the meantime, he flicked his sleeve, and a seven-colored ray gushed out and engulfed the current in a ball and directed it out from the cave.