The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 884

Chapter 884: He Did Not Want To Stop
Her heart skipped a beat, and she wanted to avoid him. However, it was too late as his lips had already pressed against hers. While Gu Xijiu was still shocked, her lips had been caught. Shortly after, her mouth was pried open by his tongue. Di Fuyi's tongue could not stop caressing every inch of her tongue. The way he kissed seemed to resemble his temperament; it appeared to be calm but dominant, as the current in the ocean which could drag one to the bottom of the sea. His kiss was like a drug; it could make her clear mind turn useless instantly, and it could also make her heart skip a few beats. Di Fuyi had been suppressing his feelings for quite some time. He openly ignored her for many days but secretly paid close attention to her from time to time. He had to practice a lot of self-control, and he bore the pain and did not kick Long Siye into space when he saw the two of them dating! Di Fuyi was always proud of himself but disliked Long Siye. However, he did not relocate Long Siye forcefully using The Lord's identity as he wanted to compete with him fairly instead of playing tricks to get Gu Xijiu. And now, he finally got his beloved in his arms. He had always wanted to kiss Gu Xijiu, but he did not want her to hate him. Hence, he suppressed himself. Unfortunately, she delivered her lips to him at this moment. Needless to say, he would not simply let them go and kissed her passionately! She was his drug which made him addicted to kissing her; he could not get enough no matter how many times he kissed her. However, the kiss did not last long as Gu Xijiu regained her consciousness in time. She moved her head aside and managed to escape while they gasped. She quickly places a finger on his lips, "Stop!" Di Fuyi placed his eyes on her; he did not want to stop. Gu Xijiu struggled out from his embrace and teleported to the entrance of the cave. It was still pouring heavily outside. Gu Xijiu did not plan to run under the rain and of course, escaping at this moment was not her usual style as well. She just realized that she needed some time to calm herself as she got confused after kissing Di Fuyi. Unexpectedly, a bolt of lightning struck right after she managed to find her footing near the entrance. "Watch out!" Di Fuyi moved swiftly to her rescue to push her away. He was faster than her teleportation ability. Nature seemed to have a pair of eyes targeted on them! Di Fuyi squinted his eyes and flipped his sleeve. A seven-colored ray shone out from his sleeve and engulfed the lighting into a ball before directing it away from the cave. This time, Gu Xijiu saw it! Her eyes were widely opened. The current ball of lightning did not strike any cliffs but flew up to the sky and exploded in the clouds! It was a massive explosion, and the sky felt as though it was going to crack. The clouds seemed to be shattered into pieces by a pair of gigantic hands. The rain has finally stopped, and the glittering stars appeared again as the clouds faded into the abyss. That was the first time Gu Xijiu witnessed such powerful magic; It was so mighty that it seemed powerful enough to move the heavens and the earth. She was still idling in stunned silence. "Are you alright?" Di Fuyi waved his hand in front of her eyes and asked worryingly. Gu Xijiu finally looked at him, "I can’t believe… you have such strong power." It did not seem to be the kind of power that a human should possess. Di Fuyi’s heart sank. He had subconsciously used a power which only The Lord could possess as he was outraged and anxious earlier.