The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 885

Chapter 885: Did He Get Addicted?
Di Fuyi had not used this power in front of anyone before. Hence, the little girl probably did not recognize it. His identity should still be intact. Gu Xijiu took a breath and struggled out from his embrace again. She looked out of the cave and asked, "Why is the lightning targeting me?" Di Fuyi guessed, "Probably because you ate the Blue Phoenix?" Gu Xijiu was annoyed, "But you’re the one who grilled it, the lightning should strike you instead!" Di Fuyi sighed, "The lightning is probably afraid of me. Although I'm the one who grilled the bird, you're the one who ate an essential part of it. If the heavens were to punish someone, I'm the murderer, and you're the accessory offender…" Gu Xijiu twitched her mouth, "I just ate a pair of wings, and I didn’t do it intentionally. It’s not fair though! There’s a saying that one is not considered guilty if she didn't know the truth behind the crime…" "You also ate a pair of thighs." Di Fuyi reminded her. "Did I…?" She immediately stopped when she saw the bones left behind. It seems that she carelessly grabbed the thighs and chewed them while she was listening to Di Fuyi. "Hmm... I guess I need to be punished for eating the wings and thighs of the Blue Phoenix…" Would Gu Xijiu need to face her biggest fear and be struck by lightning in the future? "Don’t worry, this is the last time. No more." Di Fuyi comforted her. Gu Xijiu looked at him suspiciously, "How could you say so? You seem to know the outcome of this matter all too well. You must have known we would be struck by lightning before this, didn't you?" Di Fuyi sighed, "You’re right. Are you touched? I took the risk to catch the bird just to satisfy your tongue…" Gu Xijiu remained silent for a second and continued, "Just to satisfy my tongue?" Di Fuyi nodded, "Don’t you think the bird's meat is unparalleled?" Gu Xijiu raised her head and looked at him, "Could you tell me honestly... How many times have you been struck by lightning because of this?" Di Fuyi sighed and then replied, "In fact, not many times. Maybe less than 20." Gu Xijiu was speechless for a second. "All because of the Blue Phoenix?" Did he get addicted? Di Fuyi replied with a serious tone, "How could I only stick to the meat of a bird? I just want to taste the meats of different majestic beings and usually, I won't eat the same thing twice unless it's extremely delicious." Gu Xijiu was completely stunned when she heard that! No wonder the thunder and lightning were chasing after him; his actions were indeed unforgivable! "So every time that happened you would use your powers to challenge the gods?" The way Di Fuyi channeled the lightning back into the sky was too strong and fast. Gu Xijiu felt dizzy just watching the scene. Di Fuyi coughed, "Most of the time, I choose to ignore it." Using this power consumed a lot of his spiritual power; he would not use his seven-colored ray just now if the lightning were not targeting Gu Xijiu. Usually, he would just try to escape as a favor to the heavens. Di Fuyi could not be bothered if the lightning was only directed toward him. The same could not be said when its target was Gu Xijiu! She was too fragile and had to be protected. Di Fuyi was supposed to be fully recovered soon, but using his powers to protect her made him feel a little weak. Gu Xijiu's mind was still focused on Di Fuyi's strange powers, "Your power seems to appear in seven colors! I remember that The Lord’s power was the same…" Di Fuyi was shocked and looked at her. Gu Xijiu turned around and looked at him, "Did The Lord teach you all your powers?" ... It's quite late now; I'm sorry as I can't continue. Here you go for midnight; I'll update again tonight. I’ll need to run some errands for the festival during daytime and also pay a visit to my mom... I'd like to thank all the fairies who showered me with votes; I wish all of you a prettier and happier year ahead!