The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 886

Chapter 886: Give Me A Kiss?
Di Fuyi exhaled, "Indeed, that was his Kung Fu, and it was challenging to learn… I’ll teach you when your spiritual power is high enough, alright?" Gu Xijiu’s eyes were sparkling, "Which level is considered high enough?" Di Fuyi sighed and jokingly said, "At least level ten. Hence, you need to work harder." After talking for a short while, Gu Xijiu suddenly felt her stomach was burning and her blood was slowly boiling. She was shocked, but Di Fuyi seemed to be well prepared. He held her hand and let her sit on a futon, "Alright, it’s time to absorb the energy from the Blue Phoenix now, follow my instructions." Although Gu Xijiu was still confused, she had no time to ask questions. She focused her attention and followed Di Fuyi's instructions. Time flies. They have been practicing for almost two hours now. When Gu Xijiu opened her eyes, she noticed that her bones became lighter and her blood circulated her body very well. She could even feel the spiritual power moving in her body. She closed her eyes to concentrate on her spiritual power. Suddenly, she opened her eyes widely, "My spiritual power is now level 6.8!" Di Fuyi placed his fingers on her wrist to check, he smiled, "It’s level 6.9!" Gu Xijiu was extremely happy! Her eyes were sparkling! It must be the contribution of the Blue Phoenix. She could not believe the meat could be so helpful! Gu Xijiu now felt guilty for blaming Di Fuyi earlier. It seemed that he did want the best for her. "Thank you!" Gu Xijiu sincerely thanked him. Di Fuyi pretended to be serious, "I don’t accept verbal appreciation… Give me something practical." Gu Xijiu frowned, "What kind of practical gift do you want?" Di Fuyi answered, "Give me a kiss?" He thought Gu Xijiu would reject it, surprisingly, she did not say anything but rushed toward him and kissed his forehead. However, she had teleported out from the cave before he managed to react to it. The kiss was very gentle and fast, but it was enough to make Di Fuyi’s heart pump rapidly. That was the first time she willing to take the initiative to kiss him! Although it was not a hot kiss, he was pleased about it. Suddenly, Gu Xijiu screamed from outside the cave. Di Fuyi immediately rushed to her, "What happened?" Gu Xijiu pointed to the front, "The cliff… it's gone!" There was supposed a cliff for the student to practice, but it has collapsed now. In fact, she did not care much about the cliff itself, but she was supposed to carry out her punishment by going up and down the cliff ten times. Did that mean she no longer had to execute the sentence? Di Fuyi read her mind, "I’ll never offer any discount for the penalty I set, let’s go to another place since the cliff is gone." He carried her waist and leaped into midair. ... Gu Xijiu felt it was meaningless for her to continue living as she looked at the behemoth cliff which was double the height of the previous one, "Hey, this is too high!" She could not even fly up to the former cliff, how was she expected to work with this one? Di Fuyi tapped on her shoulder, "Sweetheart, you can do it. I’ll wait for you up there." He flew straight up to the top. Gu Xijiu suddenly got inspired. Perhaps, she could really make it since her spiritual power had been upgraded by almost one level. In fact, Di Fuyi really had a pair of sharp eyes as the cliff he picked had the height which required Gu Xijiu to give her best. She could only fly up there when she gave her best effort!