The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 887

Chapter 887: Pole Dancing
Gu Xijiu followed Di Fuyi’s instructions and fully charged her spiritual power to make that giant leap. Indeed, she made it! She flew up to the top of the cliff! The first time that she flew up to the peak with her abilities, she felt so refreshed! She felt great as her lungs circulated fresh air. "Are you happy?" Di Fuyi wiped away the sweat from her forehead, "Well done!" He thought she would at least fall a few times, but surprisingly, she made it after two failures. "Of course!" Gu Xijiu almost wanted to run in a circle due to all the happy energy bottled inside her. Gu Xijiu was always very calm, and she would only share a smile even though she was ecstatic. She hardly revealed her emotions publicly and would only jump around like a kid in her room when she was alone. However, she really wanted to jump around now. It seems that Di Fuyi did not lie to her, she could leap up to the peak of the cliff as long as she mastered the skills. She could only blame herself for skipping his lesson. Di Fuyi looked at her smiling eyes, he could not help but smile too, "Do you feel like dancing now?" "Yes!" Indeed, she really had the urge to dance. Di Fuyi flicked his sleeve; suddenly, there was a pole standing in the middle of nowhere. He suggested with a serious tone, "How about pole dancing?" Gu Xijiu was speechless. Di Fuyi said gently, "I remember you mentioning that you can dance very well and you even wanted to dance with my body. I was curious what kind of dance you were talking about as I have never seen it before. Why don't you show me?" Gu Xijiu did not want to pole dance; she was worried he might get horny after she finishes dancing. She coughed, "It’s not the right time to dance as it’s quite late and cold here. Besides that, I have to reach the top nine more times to complete my punishment. Hence, I better reserve my energy for flying." She flew straight to the bottom. "I can reduce your penalty by half if you dance well." Di Fuyi grabbed her hand from the bottom of the cliff. Gu Xijiu frowned, "I thought you said that you'd never give a discount?" "Hmmm, I’ll make an exception if you dance well." Tsk! Lie! How did he define ‘well’? It will be a waste of her effort if he says it was not good enough after she danced. "I need a special costume for the dance and also some pop songs…" Gu Xijiu began to give him a series of excuses. Di Fuyi was even more curious after listening to her, "What kind of costumes do you need? I might have it here. For the pop songs, I can play it myself with my instrument." Gu Xijiu explained to him about the costume; she needed a singlet and mini short pants, best if there was a mini skirt. Di Fuyi listened to her and then looked at her for a short while, "Are you sure… those costumes are appropriate?" Gu Xijiu was relieved as she knew he did not have it. Thus, she tried to fool him, "Only with those costumes will the dance be really nice. Otherwise, it’s meaningless to dance. But since we don’t have the costumes now, we should postpone it…" Before she finished talking, Di Fuyi took out a set of clothes from his storage bag. It was a very elastic material, and it was shining under the moonlight. He looked at her, "How should I cut it?" He passed a brush and a paper to her, "Here, draw it out and I’ll take care of the rest." Gu Xijiu as speechless. She felt as though she had just dropped a massive rock on her foot.