The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 891

Chapter 891: Others Should Not Even Think About It!
All the places where his arms and palms touched happened to be bare at this moment due to the skimpiness of her outfit. She could feel that his palms were burning. The heat was so significant that it could even diffuse into her bones via her skin. The additional heat made her blood circulate even faster. She involuntarily accelerated her breathing as she felt flushed. Gu Xijiu struggled, "Let go. I should change first." She felt it was dangerous to be in his arms with that costume. Di Fuyi refused to let her go, he locked her down, "Xijiu, change later." Before he could finish talking, his lips had already kissed hers! It was not only a hot kiss this time. It was clear that Di Fuyi had been suppressing his feelings and desires for quite some time. He wanted to go into her body so that they could be one as he wanted to be part of her. ... Gu Xijiu could barely breathe under his constant kisses and felt slightly dizzy. She felt thirsty and hot when his hands began to linger around on her entire body. It almost felt like a volcanic eruption; yet, she wanted to hug him tightly. Suddenly, Gu Xijiu was worried. She felt she was as though walking into quicksand and that she would sink to the bottom if she threads carelessly. Although she had no experience, she understood what was happening as she has read a few books before. She immediately trembled and regained her consciousness when his fingers caressed her sensitive spots. Did he want to do it here…? She opened her eyes and realized the singlet, and hot pants she had worn earlier could not cover much of her body anymore. "Stop!" She said softly and then pushed him away! He did not prepare for it and slumped on the ground as she shoved him. She quickly jumped up and escaped from him, "Celestial Master Zuo, please get rid of your wizardry barrier!" In fact, Di Fuyi did not plan to have sex with her there. After all, they just cleared their misunderstandings, and he was worried that she would be scared away if he was too aggressive! However, he just did not expect that he would lose control! He took a deep breath and calmed himself, "Put... put on your clothes first." Di Fuyi did not want her to teleport out like this even if no one would block her path home. What if she did not estimate accurately and teleported to somewhere crowded? Di Fuyi did not care about her past, but wanted to be the only one who saw what she wore earlier; others should not even think about it! Gu Xijiu tried her best to calm down and took out a dress from her storage bag to change. "I’m done, get rid of the barrier." Di Fuyi stepped forward and helped her to tidy her dress. Gu Xijiu quickly stepped backward, "You…" "Don't be afraid; I won't do anything to you before I get your permission." Di Fuyi tidied up her dress and then removed the wizardry barrier. Gu Xijiu immediately teleported away and disappeared. Di Fuyi continued to stand there for a while. He wanted to ask her to stay for a chat, but he was worried he could not control himself. He could not help but smile as he recalled her reaction when she ran away nervously. He was surprised to see her nervous as she looked adorable when she was shy; it was so different from her usual self that she showed other people. He gently touched his lips and realized his lips were still warm. He could still feel the fragrance and the tenderness of her soft lips. He looked up to the sky with countless stars and giggled softly. When Mu Feng arrived at the scene, he saw the mighty Celestial Master Zuo laughing like a kid. ... It’s Mid Autumn Festival today. I’m here wishing all of you Happy Mooncake Festival! I needed to spend time with friends and family, so I sincerely apologize for the lack of updates. It will revert back to normal after the festival.