The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 891

Chapter 891: Others Should Not Even Think About It!

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All the places where his arms and palms touched happened to be bare at this moment due to the skimpiness of her outfit. She could feel that his palms were burning. The heat was so significant that it could even diffuse into her bones via her skin. The additional heat made her blood circulate even faster. She involuntarily accelerated her breathing as she felt flushed.

Gu Xijiu struggled, "Let go. I should change first." She felt it was dangerous to be in his arms with that costume.

Di Fuyi refused to let her go, he locked her down, "Xijiu, change later." Before he could finish talking, his lips had already kissed hers! It was not only a hot kiss this time. It was clear that Di Fuyi had been suppressing his feelings and desires for quite some time. He wanted to go into her body so that they could be one as he wanted to be part of her.


Gu Xijiu could barely breathe under his constant kisses and felt slightly dizzy. She felt thirsty and hot when his hands began to linger a