The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 892

Chapter 892: Gu Xijiu, Youre Crazy!

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Gu Xijiu did not anticipate that she would run away from the scene like a failed soldier!

Everything was beyond her expectations and even imaginations as she planned to cut all the ties with Di Fuyi after she completed her assigned punishments, but things were not meant to be.

Gu Xijiu reasoned with herself and felt she should sever ties with him as he had made her go through so many hard times. However, she forgave him after she listened to his explanation. Was she too lenient to forgive someone who had hurt her the way he did? Was she that easy to be coaxed? No way! She was not!

Gu Xijiu could not deny that she had feelings for Di Fuyi and always suppressed them. It seems that all her initial qualms with him were just a misunderstanding. It was easy to forgive a misunderstanding. Moreover, all Di Fuyi's actions seemed to be for Gu Xijiu's benefit and did not cause any serious consequence. Hence, it was natural for her to forgive him.

But everything seemed to have change