The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 893

Chapter 893: She Could Even Risk Her Life For Him
"Xijiu, please don’t apologize! It’s not your fault." Long Siye interrupted her. "I know you’re still young; you shouldn’t be bothered by these sort of things. It’s alright; I just want to be your friend now, I hope you would agree with it." Gu Xijiu was speechless. She took a deep breath and replied, "Trainer Long, as long as you’re not annoyed, I’m willing to be your best friend! However, I don’t love you… It’s not because I’m still young, I’m physically young, but I’m mentally already an adult. I feel sorry. I gave you hope, and I disappointed you. I really tried to love you." Long Siye looked pale as he stared at her, "Is it because of Di Fuyi?" Gu Xijiu closed her eyes for a moment as if in disappointment, "No, but I was confused about my feelings before…" Even if she did not forgive Di Fuyi last night, she could not be with Long Siye anymore. She knew she was sorry, but love was not the same as guilt; she could risk her life for him, but she could not accept his love... Gu Xijiu knew she should be decisive when it was time to stop. Otherwise, it would be worse for every party. Therefore, she still told Long Siye whatever she should, even though she felt incredibly guilty to him, "Trainer Long, I can be your best friend and even risk my life for you, but I really can’t accept you… I’m really sorry; please scold me. Long Siye took a step backward. Gu Xijiu took out the maple jade and passed it to him, "Please take this back…" Long Siye tightened his lips, "Please keep it, this is yours. You don’t have to return it to me even though you can’t accept me…" Gu Xijiu shook her head, "No, this jade is not mine, it belongs to Ye Hongfeng." Long Siye was speechless. He looked at her, "Xijiu, you still don’t believe me? You’re really Ye Hongfeng; I swapped the two of you last time…" Gu Xijiu shook her head, "No, I’m the clone. I’m not Ye Hongfeng…" Long Siye opened his eyes widely; Gu Xijiu decided to tell him about her dreams. After she finished, she added, "I know what you said was true and I believe you. However, the mad scientist noticed it and swapped us back… You didn’t do anything wrong…" Long Siye did not believe her, "It was just a dream. Perhaps, you were thinking about it every day, and that's why you had such dream. In fact, it's true and what I've told you is the truth. How could we meet in this world if you're not the real Ye Hongfeng?" Gu Xijiu sighed and pondered, "Do you still remember the scene when you saw me in the crystal coffin? Do you still remember how it looked like? Do you still remember what you said to me?" Long Siye looked at her with a pale face but said nothing. Gu Xijiu took out a painting from her storage bag, and there was a crystal coffin in the painting. She passed it to Long Siye, "Look, is this the one you saw?"