The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 894

Chapter 894: I Owe You...

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Long Siye looked even paler now! He could not deny her statement! The coffin which Gu Xijiu drew on the painting was precisely the one he saw that time; he leaned on that to watch her several times.

Gu Xijiu added, "You used to lean against the coffin and talked to me about how you hate the Ye couples! That theyre too selfish! You also emphasized how I am more pitiful than you as they only saw me as an organ bank to provide organs to their daughter anytime they needed"

Long Siye walked away with extreme sadness and could not even walk properly. Gu Xijius could only look to the ground as she knew it was an intense shock for Long Siye. However, she would feel awful and guilty if she did not tell him the truth.

No matter what, I owe you... She slowly walked to the cafeteria, and an arm was suddenly placed on her shoulder, "Youve done the right thing!"

She turned around in shock and saw Di Fuyis. Apparently, he heard the conversation between her and Long Siye.

She pur