The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 895

Chapter 895: Go Get The Bill
Somehow, the plates arranged themselves in a beautiful array on the table. There were a total of six red and green plates. Qian Lingyu was stunned and then saw Celestial Master Zuo slowly walked over. His eyes were as mysterious as the ocean; his purple robe was fluttering as he walked. Qian Lingyu quickly knelt and greeted him, "Celestial Master Zuo." Lan Waihu quickly knelt and greeted him as well. Di Fuyi nodded in acknowledgment and said gently, "Rise." Qian Lingyu did not expect him to be here. He took a glimpse of Gu Xijiu after he rose. Before he managed to speak, Di Fuyi already asked, "Qian Lingyu, is the bill on you?" Qian Lingyu was stunned, "Yes…" Di Fuyi smiled happily, "That’s great, I haven’t paid for the food. Go get the bill then." Qian Lingyu looked at the dishes on the table and realized all of them looked as beautiful as paintings. However, he had no idea what were their key ingredients. He had never seen the vendor sell these dishes before. Qian Lingyu received a small fortune recently, and he had thought he would have more than enough to pay! Hence, he proceeded to the cashier to make the payment. He generously placed a bag of spiritual stones on the counter, "This is for the dishes and drinks on Celestial Master Zuo's table." The cashier looked at him and then looked at that bag of spiritual stones, "Are you sure?" "Of course, why wouldn't I be? Just take the amount you need from the bag!" Qian Lingyu was annoyed. There were about 1,000 spiritual stones in the bag which was more than enough to pay even if they ordered all the best dishes in the cafeteria. How could it be insufficient for six plates? The cashier slowly took the bag and poured out the spiritual stones. He had a pair of sharp eyes and managed to count in a single scan, "Qian Lingyu, there are 960 spiritual stones here which are only enough to pay for the appetizer. What about the outstanding balance?" Qian Lingyu was shocked and speechless, "Ap...appetizer? What’s the outstanding balance?" "The total is 5960 spiritual stones; I need 5000 more spiritual stones." Qian Lingyu was in disbelief! ... Since the counter was quite far away, Gu Xijiu did not see his stunned expression. She only saw him standing there for a while as though he was waiting for change. Thus, she did not care about it. She looked at the six dishes; there were meats and also vegetables nicely matched. It seemed very delicious and attractive. However, Gu Xijiu was not one to be fooled. She knew that those dishes were not typically served in the cafeteria. "Did you specially request the master chef to make this?" "You’re right, I prepared the ingredients, and then the master chef cooked it. Come on, give it a try." Di Fuyi passed her a pair of jade chopsticks. Gu Xijiu looked at the counter, "Let’s wait for Qian Lingyu." She then asked Lan Waihu to sit down, "Little Fox, take a seat first." Lan Waihu replied, "I… I've eaten. Xijiu, I just came over to check on you, I'll make a move first." She then quickly ran away. Gu Xijiu was speechless. What was wrong? She looked at Di Fuyi, he was very calm and looked innocent. He was introducing the dishes as though he did not notice that Little Fox had gone.