The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 896

Chapter 896: He Was Badly Slaughtered

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Did she feel stressed when she saw Celestial Master Zuo? Is that why she ran away?

"Alright, Xijiu, dig in when it's still hot! It's healthier to eat it warm." Di Fuyi scooped some vegetables for her.

"Let's wait for Qian Lingyu first." After all, he was paying for the food; it would not be polite if they did not wait for him. However, she paused before she even finished her sentence when she realized that Qian Lingyu was gone!

Did he also run away?

"What have you done again?" Gu Xijiu directed an audio message to Di Fuyi.

Di Fuyi frowned, "I have been sitting here with you. What could I have done?"

"Why did Qian Lingyu leave without saying goodbye?"

"Uhh, he probably couldn't pay for it and just left." Di Fuyi casually answered.

Impossible! Qian Lingyu did not seem to be the kind of person to run away from paying a bill. Gu Xijiu knew how much of money he had too. Every single time they went to the night market to sell pills, Qian Lin