The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 899

Chapter 899: How Sincere Was He To Gu Xijiu?

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Gu Canmo had been informed beforehand. He had heard the story of Gu Xijiu having breakfast together with Di Fuyi in the morning. Therefore when Gu Xijiu and her two companions approached him, he was not surprised and immediately agreed to their request.

He then dismissed Lan Waihu and Qian Lingyu, leaving only Gu Xijiu behind with him. He then asked, "Have you decided whether you would like to be with Celestial Master Zuo in the future? Are you putting on an act?"

Gu Xijiu took a deep breath and nodded, "I am not acting." She was now determined not to be with Di Fuyi, so she denied it.

Gu Canmo sighed, "However, Overlord Long's feelings for you is rather sincere What you have done would hurt him"

Gu Xijiu felt guilty. She looked down and said, "Yes, I do feel sorry for him." She knew that she had hurt him. She thought to herself that she would look for an opportunity to pay him back.

Gu Canmo sighed again, "This is not the right solution to the situation. In fact, as l