The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 900

Chapter 900: She Was Really Guilty

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He just said that he had killed the disciple of Tian Jiyue but never told her precisely why he had done it. Now when she heard it from Gu Canmo she thought that it must have been because of a personal resentment between the three of them. However, she felt that it might not be connected to any form of relationship. After all, what Gu Canmo had heard was just a rumor

Gu Xijiu knew very well that rumors were unreliable. She only believed in her instinct. She knew that Di Fuyi loved her very much and she would be the first woman that he had fallen for, and perhaps she would also be his last one. She would not suspect him just because of a couple of words someone said Should he confront him about it?

As she was still pondering about what her next actions were going to be, she accidentally bumped into someone and almost fell into that person's arm. When she looked up, she shouted, "Trainer Long!"

The person who was standing in front of her was Long Siye. He looked ver