The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 901

Chapter 901: He Had No Direction Anymore

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He stepped into the palace and almost fell. He stared at the crystal coffin which laid in the middle of the palace. It was empty. The clone body inside the crystal coffin was missing! He could not believe it and quickly searched the palace. Other than the missing cloned body, there was nothing unusual.

There were also security mechanisms built inside the hall, especially around the crystal coffin. Only an expert would have been able to bypass the security mechanisms and safely open the coffin. He could see that the crystal coffin is laid open nicely with no signs of forced entry.

Apparently, the person who stole the cloned body was an expert and someone who knew the temple layout very well Who was this person? What was their intention of taking the cloned body?

Over the years, there were only three people who had visited this place before. They were Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi and himself. It was impossible for Gu Xijiu to have stolen it as she had been living in Tianju Hall all the wh