The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 903

Chapter 903: Owed Her Twice

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The girl looked at him blankly, "But But that person told me that you are Brother Long Xi. Both of you look alike too."

Long Siye coldly said, "He cheated you! I am Long Siye, Overlord of the Tianwen clan."

He could not help but look at her. There was sorrow in his heart. This was the body that he prepared for Gu Xijiu but she did not get too used it and had let Ye Hongfeng occupy it

His feeling on Ye Hongfeng was actually very complicated.

He always thought that Ye Hongfeng was the cloned baby and occupied the life that Gu Xijiu was supposed to have. However, she was the princess of the Ye couple and was pampered by them. He could not afford to offend her so he always treated her properly.

After he found Gu Xijiu and became her instructor, he felt guilty to her at first but later on, he fell in love with her. Long Siye always planned to exchange their souls but after he realized that it was not possible to do so, he gave up on the idea. However, every time when he m