The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 904

Chapter 904: Shut Up and Sit Properly

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"Let me tell you again. I am Long Siye and not Long Xi! Please call me Overlord Long." Long Siye said coldly and the momentum, strong.

Ye Hongfeng winced her body and did not dare to provoke him anymore, "Okay Overlord Long I am scared Don't leave me alone"

Long Siye was a headache. Of course, he would not leave Ye Hongfeng alone here so he could only bring her back.

Ye Hongfeng was an arrogant eldest daughter in the past life. Now she possessed the clone body that was devoid of martial art and spiritual power. When she walked she had no strength and did not have a ride, so only Long Siye could carry her back to his crane ride.

She was an ordinary human and her body was heavy until the crane could not afford to fly her up

She sat in a very unstable manner on the crane. Long Siye almost wanted to tie her on the back but when he saw her pitiful look, he sympathized her.

He had been behaving well for Gu Xijiu for many years and never had any form of intimacy with o