The Evil Consort Above An Evil King Chapter 905

Chapter 905: Do You Want To Hear The Truth Or Lie?

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It was different from now. The person who accompanied her was now standing by her side - Di Fuyi. She felt inexplicably excited as if she owned the world.

Di Fuyi was particular with cleanliness. Apparently, this guy did not always come to the night market, so when Gu Xijiu brought him to the night market he somewhat resisted

Gu Xijiu explained to him, the food culture of a city was not shark's fin or bird's nest boasted by luxurious restaurants, but the street food in the night market.

After the detailed explanation by Gu Xijiu, Di Fuyi finally sat down with her in front of a food stall

Of course, when he sat down, he applied the cleaning spell so the chair they sat on became as clean as freshly washed. Some of the tables and chairs had been very smokey and the original color could not be seen. However, after being used by Celestial Master Zuo, the table and chairs became new as if a layer of skin had been peeled off and revealed the original color.

Di Fuyi was actual